DOCX Wool Omnibus Hugh Howey satış author Bewertungen Noble Nook about a. wool omnibus hugh howey divorce. wool omnibus hugh howey epub. wool. Editorial Reviews. Review. #1 Bestseller on Amazon * Winner of Kindle Book Review's Best Indie Book of Award. Ernie Cline, NYT bestselling author of  Missing: nook ‎| ‎Must include: ‎nook. Hugh Howey is the author of the award-winning Molly Fyde saga and the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Wool Series. The Wool Omnibus won  Missing: nook ‎| ‎Must include: ‎nook.


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Like, do I have another job? I have gone wide, gone into all the e-book retailers before, for years.

The Disappointing Nook - Hugh Howey

I went exclusive with Amazon after sampling their Kindle Unlimited programwhich requires it. What I found was I got a bigger audience and also more income than I did when I was with other outlets as well.

This has looked like an even better decision as Barnes and Noble is basically abandoning the Nook. So wool hugh howey epub nook now all my income with my independent stuff is with Amazon. And I also have traditional deals which provide some income and I also have overseas deals.

The Disappointing Nook

So Amazon is probably number one overall? I would say it is 90 percent of my income, and the rest being traditional deals. Amazon includes Audible and my paperbacks, via CreateSpace. I could live just on my print sales alone.


Why did you want to do a traditional deal? It was a seven year deal, so I got the rights back in a short amount of time, and it was print only. It was an opportunity to do bookstore releases and see what would happen with that kind of distribution. That was the theory anyway. Riddle, a bestselling writer of sci-fi thrillers, told us that he printed a bunch of his own books and then sold those copies through Amazon.

Have wool hugh howey epub nook ever done your own retailer deals, or your own print runs?

Sand by Hugh Howey

No, I got into bookstores just because of reader demand for signings and to do events of my own. Riddle has got the right idea. Does Amazon work with you and discuss ways it can serve authors like you better? Not really authors like me.

I got more phone calls from Amazon wool hugh howey epub nook anybody had heard of me.

FREE (Kindle) Wool by Hugh Howey [Dystopian] - MobileRead Forums

I had sales kind of trickling through, and I would get calls and they would ask me what they can do wool hugh howey epub nook improve. I get surveys from them all the time, which most Kindle Direct Publishing and Kindle Select authors do.

So those are the ones they seem to care about taking care of.

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