A modification to the standard Winkler's method (WM) for measurement of dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration in aqueous samples enabled DO measurements. The Winkler Method is a technique used to measure dissolved oxygen in freshwater systems. Dissolved oxygen is used as an indicator of the health of a water body, where higher dissolved oxygen concentrations are correlated with high productivity and little pollution. The Winkler method of analysis for oxy- gen dissolved in water is unusual in that the result is not based on oxygen as a stan- dard. Studies of the accuracy of the.


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Some sources claim that Mn OH 3 is the brown precipitate, but hydrated MnO2 may also give the brown winkler method dissolved oxygen. The Mn SO4 2 formed by the acid converts the iodide ions into iodineitself being reduced back to manganese II ions in an acidic medium.

Limitations[ edit ] The success of this method is critically dependent upon the winkler method dissolved oxygen in which the sample is manipulated. At all stages, steps must be taken to ensure that oxygen is neither introduced to nor lost from the sample.

Furthermore, the water sample must be free of any solutes that will oxidize or reduce iodine. Instrumental methods for measurement winkler method dissolved oxygen dissolved oxygen have widely supplanted the routine use of the Winkler test, although the test is still used to check instrument calibration.

Winkler Titrations ā€“ Measuring Dissolved Oxygen | Colby at Sea

In some cases, bacteria are used to provide a standardized community winkler method dissolved oxygen uptake oxygen while consuming the organic matter in the winkler method dissolved oxygen these bacteria are known as "seed".

The resulting number usually reported in parts per million or milligrams per liter is useful in determining the relative organic strength of sewage or other polluted waters. In this step we are converting a dissolved gas to a solid. The amount of solid is proportional to the amount of oxygen that was in the bottle.

The sample bottle must remain tightly capped during the first step to prevent oxygen from the air from reacting with Mn II.

Winkler test for dissolved oxygen

Recall from the CTD video that all the air bubbles were carefully removed from winkler method dissolved oxygen bottle during sampling and the Bottle Cop makes certain that the samples for dissolved oxygen are taken first.

The capped bottles are allowed to sit for over 30 minutes to completely react with all the oxygen.


Next, excess acid is added to the bottle and the MnO OH 2 s formed in step one reacts stoichiometrically with winkler method dissolved oxygen Iā€” to form a yellow, triiodide I3ā€” solution in two steps.

The cool part of this reaction is that iodide reacts in acid, but oxygen does not. This means that the samples will no longer react with oxygen winkler method dissolved oxygen the air. Why is this important? The limiting reagent in each step is highlighted in red.

Dissolved Oxygen by the Winkler Method

At this point, the sample is "fixed" and can be stored winkler method dissolved oxygen up to 8 hours if kept in a cool, dark place. As an added precaution, squirt distilled water along the stopper, and cap the bottle with aluminum foil and a rubber band during the storage period.


In a winkler method dissolved oxygen flask, titrate mL of the sample with sodium thiosulfate to a pale straw color. Titrate by slowly dropping titrant solution from a calibrated pipette into the flask and continually stirring or swirling the sample water.

Winkler test for dissolved oxygen - Wikipedia

Add 2 mL of starch solution so a blue color forms. Continue slowly titrating until the sample turns clear. As this experiment reaches the endpoint, it will take only one drop of the titrant to eliminate the blue color.

Be especially careful that each drop is fully mixed into the sample before winkler method dissolved oxygen the next.

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