Introduction This is an article for beginners who really want to know how to create a very basic WCF application for the first time; here I have. From a beginner's perspective, what does actually WCF mean? Let's break the abbreviation into single entities and try to debug. It consists of 3. For more information about how to do this, see How to: Host a WCF about creating services and clients, see Basic WCF Programming.


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Let's start with the coding part now. Background There ain't any pre-requisites as such, just the presence of Visual Studio client is enough.

Create a new Blank Solution to start with. We will add projects later in the next step.

Getting Started Tutorial1 | Microsoft Docs

Give the name of the solution as MyFirstServiceSolution and the location where you want to store the codes. A new WCF service library will be added to the solution, which will have 2 default class files namely, Service1.

Since we will configure the library on our own, so delete both these class files. We need to define what kind of data the service needs to expose. Primitive datatypes such as int, string, float don't wcf tutorials for beginners to be exposed as data contract, they are pretty much understood by the.

NET engine, whereas user defined data types such as class, enumerations need to wcf tutorials for beginners exposed as data contracts. Hence define a class called as Maths and define 2 properties over there.

Individual members of the Data contract class need to be exposed as data members.

WCF Service Tutorial in C#

Serialization needs to be added for data contract to come alive. Then, we will have to define our service contract, which ensures what wcf tutorials for beginners are exposed by the service.

Add an interface, call it as IMaths and add individual methods inside it which will accept the Data contract class as argument to work upon. Service contract will come alive via inclusion of System.

Next comes the actual implementation of the service, extend the MyService class to implement the interface and its operations. Define the functionalities of the operations as you desire. In the below code, normal arithmetic operations are defined in the MyService class.

Build wcf tutorials for beginners solution, it should compile without any error.

WCF: From a Beginner's perspective & a Tutorial - CodeProject

First of all, we need wcf tutorials for beginners change the service name to point to MyServiceLibrary. Now, you can find two methods are implemented in the. This file will be available in the following location, C: The topics in this section assume you are using Visual Studio as the development environment.


If you are using another development environment, ignore the Visual Studio-specific instructions. For sample applications that can be downloaded to your hard disk and run, see the topics in Windows Communication Foundation Samples.

Getting Started Tutorial

This tutorial explains the fundamentals of WCF and is conveniently divided into various sections. Supports duplex contracts and transactions NetPeerTcpBinding Communication between computers across peer-to-peer services.

  • Basic WCF Service Step by Step
  • WCF: From a Beginner's perspective & a Tutorial
  • Need For WCF
  • WCF Tutorial

Supports duplex contracts and transactions Contract:

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