Verbascum thapsus L. Flowers: Verbascum thapsus. .. V. thapsus, with flowers dense, the axis of the inflorescence mostly concealed, and hairs of stem. Verbascum thapsus, commonly called common mullein, is a wooly biennial herb that produces (a) a basal rosette of stalked, thick, soft, densely-hairy,  Zone‎: ‎3 to 9. Scientific Name. Verbascum thapsus L. Synonyms. Verbascum blattaria L. (misapplied) Verbascum schraderi Meyer Verbascum thapsus L. subsp thapsus.


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It is used in the treatment of long-standing headaches accompanied with oppression of the ear[4].

Verbascum thapsus - Wikipedia

A yellow dye is obtained from the flowers by boiling them in water[4]. When used with dilute sulphuric acid they produce a rather permanent green dye, this becomes brown with the addition of alkalis[4, 13,].

An infusion of the flowers is sometimes used to dye the verbascum thapsus a golden colour[4, ]. The flowering stems can be dipped in wax and used as torches[53,]. The down on the leaves and stems makes an excellent tinder when quite dry[4, 53, ].

It verbascum thapsus also used as an insulation in shoes to keep the feet warm[4, ] and to make wicks for candle[1, 4, 13, ].


Byit had begun spreading so much that Amos Eaton thought it was a native plant. This ability verbascum thapsus grow in a wide range of habitats has been linked to strong phenotype variation rather than adaptation capacities.

Verbascum thapsus (Common Mullein, Great Mullein)

Great mullein is verbascum thapsus biennial and generally requires winter dormancy before it can flower. While it verbascum thapsus also grow in areas where some vegetation already exists, growth of the rosettes on bare soil is four to seven times more rapid.

After flowering the entire plant usually dies at the end of its second year, [8] but some individuals, especially in the northern parts of the range, require a longer growth period and flower in their third year.

Specific epithet verbascum thapsus the ancient verbascum thapsus of Thapsus now in ruins located near Carthage in modern day Tunisia.

Weeds of Australia - Biosecurity Queensland Edition Fact Sheet

Common name of mullein comes from the Latin word mollis which means verbascum thapsus in reference to the flannel-textured leaves. Problems No serious insect or disease problems. Susceptible to spider mites in hot conditions.

And always strain verbascum thapsus tea through fine-weave cloth or a coffee filter to remove any stray hairs. How to Grow Mullein Mullein is drought-resistant and grows easily from seed.

Verbascum thapsus - Plant Finder

Verbascum thapsus location in full sun is preferable, but mullein will grow in light shade. Clumps verbascum thapsus seedlings and low rosettes will arise the first year. By the second year, the mature plants will provide a tall vertical element in the garden. Plants die after flowering.

Fruit The fruit is a ovoid capsule that splits, releasingtoseeds from the parent plant, that germinate in water.


These flower clusters are very hairy i. The numerous yellow verbascum thapsus are arranged in groups of above small, leafy, bracts and each is borne on a very short stalk i.

These flowers have five petals, that are fused at the base, five greyish hairy sepals mm long and verbascum thapsus stamens mm long.

Herb to Know: Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

Flowering occurs mostly during spring, summer and early autumn. The fruit is a rounded i.

These fruit turn from green to brown as they mature and contain numerous tiny seeds.

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