Albtraum Zuwanderung: Lügen, Wortbruch, Volksverdummung. Front Cover. Udo Ulfkotte. Kopp, - pages QR code for Albtraum Zuwanderung. Ulfkotte, Udo. . Das ist weniger auf die aktuelle Zuwanderung von Spätaussiedlern zurückzuführen, als vielmehr auf die hohen Zuzugszahlen. Ha felnőtt vagy, és szeretnéd, hogy az ilyen tartalmakhoz kiskorú ne férhessen hozzá, használj szűrőprogramot. A belépéssel elfogadod a.


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In Aprilthe populist Swiss weekly Weltwoche succeeded in doing something that everyone in the newspapers dreams of doing. Their article on a controversial topic whipped up such a media frenzy that even the foreign media noticed and got involved, admittedly reporting more on the magazine itself than on the facts Weltwoche had brought to public attention.

And the attention was by no means all positive. One German was representative of many outraged readers: The bone of contention which drew so much ire udo ulfkotte albtraum zuwanderung an article on the Roma, that group of people previously commonly referred to, somewhat disrespectfully, as Gypsies.

We categorically reject this accusation. Roma Blitzkrieg What udo ulfkotte albtraum zuwanderung all the fuss about anyway? The cantons on the borders suffer the most.

Albtraum Zuwanderung: Lügen, Wortbruch, Volksverdummung - Udo Ulfkotte - Google книги

udo ulfkotte albtraum zuwanderung According to the Geneva police force, three groups are responsible for the break-ins: Thus last year, for example, two young criminals broke into flats in Geneva and tookCHF. Jean-Francois Cintas, head of the burglary division of the Geneva police force, told Le Temps newspaper: The beggars too—according to udo ulfkotte albtraum zuwanderung, also mostly Roma—are also becoming more and more of a problem, and more aggressive.

Within three years, the Geneva police issued fines to the value of 1. The authorities were able to recover a mere 35, CHF. Swiss-Germans are also aware of the problem.


To take one example, as the Zurich police udo ulfkotte albtraum zuwanderung to confront four Roma who had pretended to be deaf mute, the men fled in a BMW with Bulgarian number plates. Their influence is only growing, as more and more of the streetwalkers are Roma.

The tribe comes above everything else. In Switzerland alone, on average one pensioner a week will be robbed of 35, CHF in this way. Generalisations Instead Of Facts All this is well known to experts in the field.

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Of course, the majority of the 8 to 12 million Roma are not criminals. This is also clearly stated in the Weltwoche article.


Yet udo ulfkotte albtraum zuwanderung, few bothered to read it—particularly not the critics. So it was no surprise that when the editorial team of Weltwoche invited them to present their arguments in the next issue of the magazine, they all declined.

Martine Brunschwig Graf, president of the Federal Commission against Racism, declared the photograph to be stereotyping and liable to encourage prejudice against an ethnic group. She complained that the picture had a different message than the content of the article. In any case, one thing is clear: They are turned into professional thieves udo ulfkotte albtraum zuwanderung beggars in training camps.

Immigration Nightmare Europe drowns in the tide of immigration Germany is faced with at least as pressing an immigration problem as Switzerland. One German who is prepared to confront the situation is Udo Ulfkotte.


Born inthe journalist studied criminology, Islamic studies and politics. Materialien zu Geschichte und Zeitgeist des deutschen Nationalcharakter s. Wer ist ein Deutscher? Gibt es "typisch" Deutsches?

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