Revised and updated for the fortieth anniversary of Augusto Pinochet's September 11, , military coup in Chile, The Pinochet File reveals a formerly secret. When first published last year on the thirtieth anniversary of the Chilean coup, Peter Kornbluh's The Pinochet File was hailed on the editorial page of the New. The Pinochet file [electronic resource]: a declassified dossier on atrocity and accountability. Responsibility: Peter Kornbluh ; a National Security Archive book.


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The Pinochet File | The New Press

The Pinochet File, which offers us access to foundational documentation previously sequestered in classified U. That it took the better part of three decades the pinochet file obtain the documents—hidden to prevent embarrassing Washington policymakers, rather than because the pinochet file compromised U.

What, then, does this significant volume, which features analytical chapters followed by several reprints of documents, add to our understanding of this period?


Most literature prior to The Pinochet File has traced the basic lines of U. If these principles have any meaning, we normally depart from them the pinochet file to meet the gravest threat to us, e.

Is Allende a mortal threat to the U. It is hard to argue this. Government to push Pinochet out of power. Who woulda thunk it?

The Pinochet File - Wikipedia

Eliot Abrams, the asshole who lied about the massacre at El The pinochet file and one the pinochet file the architects of our Vernichtungskrieg in Nicaragua, was a champion of human rights in Chile? We still could get away with some of our lies about El Salvador and Nicaragua, but the brutal dictatorship in Chile was just too obvious to be covered up by Reagan's vacuous smile.


It was hurting our self-appointed reputation as the pinochet file Champion of Democracy. In contrast, the declassified documents show that Richard Nixon enacted an "invisible blockade" in concert with American multinational corporations and international banking organizations, which were pressured to withhold loan refinancing.

Consequently, much of the history that has been written without access to these documents may need to be reexamined, as Kornbluh discusses in the book's introduction: Indeed, the documents contain new information on virtually every major issue, episode, and scandal that pockmark this controversial the pinochet file.

Reports based on the pinochet file released prior to are necessarily incomplete and hew more closely to the interpretation the Nixon White House disseminated via its black propaganda programs in Chile.

Not all of the documents included are from the CIA.

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