We welcome you to embark upon a journey, the destination of which is a fruitful and satisfying career!! Teaching young minds and, in the process, becoming a. Historical Development of Teacher Education In India. Rabindra Nath Tagore rightly said, “A teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning himself. The NCTE lays down norms and standards for various teacher education courses, minimum qualifications for teacher educators, course and content and duration and minimum qualification for entry of student- teachers for the various courses.


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Organized by region, there are individual country articles, accompanied by statistical tables, for nearly all nations of the world.

The sordid tale of teacher education in India - Livemint

Background historical and political information is provided along with discussions of contemporary educational issues and challenges for the future.

Reflective practice to be the central aim of teacher education; Student-teachers should be provided opportunities for self-learning, reflection, assimilation and articulation of new ideas; Developing capacities for self-directed learning and ability to think, be critical and teacher education in india work in groups.

Providing opportunities to student-teachers to observe and engage with children, communicate teacher education in india and relate to children.

The Framework has highlighted the focus, specific objectives, broad areas of study in terms of theoretical and practical learnings, and curricular transaction and assessment strategies for the various initial teacher education programmes. The draft also outlines the basic issues that should guide formulation of teacher education in india programmes of these courses.

The Framework has made several recommendations on the approach and methodology of in-service teacher training programmes and has also outlined a strategy for implementation of the Framework.

The sordid tale of teacher education in India

Reforms in Regulatory Framework The National Council for Teacher Education NCTE teacher education in india constituted under the National Council for Teacher Education Act, for achieving planning and coordinated development of teacher education in the country, for regulation and proper maintenance of norms and standards in the teacher education system.

In the recent past the NCTE has undertaken various steps for systemic improvements in its functioning and in improving the teacher education system, as under: Till we fix this, all efforts at improving the quality of teacher education in india schooling is like tinkering with the skin, while an aggressive cancer corrodes the body everywhere inside.


There is no empirical study available on the extent of such corruption. We have many good teachers despite this mess. Certainly, there are a few outstanding TEIs in the country, but these exceptions are similar to those exceptional and brave individuals within and associated with the NCTE system teacher education in india have fought for probity teacher education in india educational quality, even as this reprehensible drama has unfolded since Only those who qualify can become teachers in public schools.


But this is like a small water purification plant when the whole river is poisoned, with millions living along the river.

Verma as the chairperson to review the TE system.


This suo motu action of the SC was sparked by a case that it was hearing. Our trainees who are teacher education in india teacher training courses are trained to be proactive in the classroom and to be always ready to guide, assist, support and to be concerned for the children under their care.

We keep reminding our trainees that their purpose should be to stimulate the child's fervour for learning by guiding him without interfering with his natural instincts.

Our teacher training Teacher education in india syllabusis pragmatically viable, and so our trainees find it very easy to work with children coming from different cultural, social, lingual and economic teacher education in india.

The teachers trained by us will be in a position to methodically guide the development of each child, by beneficially modifying the knowledge they have gained from the teacher training education course in accordance with each child's needs.

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