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Inhe was sent as a special agent to Albania to suppress revolts and develop a new administrative system.


It was rumored that Ahmed would become vizier then, but he was denied of this tarih i cevdet due to strong opposition among the tarih i cevdet. They resented his enlightened and liberal interpretation of religious matters.

As a result, Mehmed Fuad Pasha became vizier and Ahmed Cevdet become the inspector general in Bosnia from to There, he extended Tanzimat reforms, despite opposition from the Habsburgs and Slavic national groups.

This identified him as a leading provincial troubleshooter.

Tarih-i Cevdet by Ahmet Cevdet Paşa

Living up to this role, Ahmed attempted to settle the nomadic tribes and establish order in Kozan, located in southeastern Anatolia tarih i cevdet, in Finally inhis transfer to the Scribal Institution was official and he was able to accept regular administrative positions.

Ahmed became governor of Aleppo Tarih i cevdetwhich was formed to apply recent Tanzimat provincial reforms introduced by Fuadthe Grand Vizier.


He subsequently became the first Minister of Justice and wrote major pieces of legislation, which established the beginnings of a secular Nizamiye court system tarih i cevdet the Empire for the first time. In addition to this, Ahmed Cevdet led an opposition group against Mehmed Emin Ali Pasha 's desire to introduce an entirely secular, French-inspired civil law for the court system.

He convinced the sultan that the new civil code should be based on principles derived from Islamic tarih i cevdet, modernized to meet the current situation.

Ahmed served as chairman of the commission established to create this new law code, Mecelle. It was based on traditional Islamic law, but also included many important modifications with the idea of updating the sharia according to the requirements of the time.

tarih i cevdet

New types of sailing tarih i cevdet such as two- and three-decked galleons, frigates and corvettes began to dominate the Ottoman fleet, rendering the galley-type oared ships obsolete.

This period saw technological innovations such as the adoption of the systematic copper sheathing of the hulls and bottoms of Ottoman warships from onwards and the construction of the first dry dock in the Golden Horn.

It discusses the modernization of the Ottoman Empire during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the spread of nationalism among its subject peoples, and the revolutionary changes in Ottoman institutions and society that led tarih i cevdet the Empire's demise and the rise of the democratic Republic of Turkey.

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