Price, review and buy Memoire Sur La Nature Chimique de La Chufa: Souchet Comestible by Ramon Torres Munoz De Luna - Paperback at best price. Buy Memoire Sur La Nature Chimique de La Chufa: Souchet Comestible by Ramon Torres Munoz De Luna (ISBN: ) from Amazon's. par Ramón Torres Muñoz y Luna.; Separata de: Journal de Pharmacie et de Chimie, t. XIX, mai


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Soil Flat, wet, slightly acidic, sandy, well-drained soils.

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Additional Crop Information All summer annual crops including horticultural crops and souchet comestible agricultural land. Agricultural Importance Extremely difficult to remove permanently because of its stratified and layered root system.


The Government of Canada, the website contributors and the organizations that they souchet comestible do not offer any warranty or guarantee, nor does it assume any liability for any crop loss, animal loss, health, safety or environmental hazard caused by the use of management practices mentioned in souchet comestible website.

Consult each product label before you use a pesticide. The boiled nuts are used in the UK as a bait for carp.


Cultivation details Prefers a moist sandy souchet comestible, ]. The chufa, or tiger nut, is often cultivated for its edible tuber in warm temperate and tropical zones, there is a cultivated variety, var. We have had lots of problems with growing this cultivated form.

Souchet comestible | Gaël Monnerat | Flickr

Once the tubers souchet comestible into growth then they normally grow vigorously, but the difficulty is getting them to come into growth. We harvest the tubers in the autumn and store them in moist sand, replanting them in the spring.

However, they rarely come into new growth until mid to late summer which gives them too short a growing season to produce much of a crop[K]. We need to find a satisfactory way of storing the tubers and exciting them back into souchet comestible.


The text provides up-to-date scientific names, synonyms, and common names for the commercially cultivated vegetable crops grown worldwide cropsin addition to information on the plant souchet comestible utilized and their method of preparation.

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