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Skin tones look natural, and difficult-to-reproduce stuff such as grass and trees are handled with skill. We have no issue with contrast either — the projector copes well with scenes that sony vpl vw500es bright and dark elements in the same frame.

This could be improved to around lines by using the Motionflow feature but we would never use this with film sony vpl vw500es content and in general we found the motion handling to actually be surprisingly good for a SXRD projector.

Sony VPL-VWES review | What Hi-Fi?

Sony VW Video Review The VW quickly shook us out of our complacency as we had a rare chance to see 4K content projected onto a large screen. You can debate the merits of 4K on a smaller screen until the cows sony vpl vw500es home but sony vpl vw500es onto a ten foot screen, the benefits are immediately obvious.

The level of detail is astonishing and the VW's bright and accurate 4K images just took our breath away.


There were no signs of artefacts or sharpening sony vpl vw500es the motion handling was excellent. All that we were left with was a tantalising glimpse of the future. Hopefully Sony will launch their 4K download service in the UK next year and there's the chance 4K Blu-ray will be announced at CES because the sooner we can watch movies in 4K, the happier sony vpl vw500es will be.

In fact we'd go as far as to say that the Sony sony vpl vw500es among the best projected images we've seen In fact we'd go as far as to say that the Sony produces among the sony vpl vw500es projected images we've seen and not just because of its higher resolution panel, although that certainly plays a part.

As is always the case, the basis of any good image starts with an accurate greyscale and colour gamut and the VW has no problems there.

It also has plenty of brightness and impressively deep blacks for a SXRD projector, resulting in a fantastic dynamic range.

What Hi-Fi?

Sony really have made advances in terms of black levels on their projectors and sony vpl vw500es really don't need to resort to the dynamic iris any longer. Motion handling, which has never been a strong point of SXRD, also appears much improved with very little smearing or loss of resolution in moving objects.


The new lens proved to be more than up to the task and, when combined with the perfectly aligned panels, the clarity and preciseness of the imaging was astonishing. Of course the sony vpl vw500es in the whole is Sony's Reality Creation image processing which does a remarkable job of upscaling content to match the 4K panel.

The results are genuinely impressive with the algorithms taking full advantage of the additional pixels without sony vpl vw500es to unnecessary sharpening and on the VW Sony has included far greater control over the feature.

Whilst the Reality Creation processing applies to all content, with Blu-rays the results are just spectacular.

Sony VPL-VWES Reviews and Ratings - TechSpot

We knew that the VW couldn't add what sony vpl vw500es there but would often swear the images appeared more detailed. When watching White House Down, we were just staggered at the level of detail on show and the beautifully rendered images looked remarkably film-like.

Despite Sony's claims the contrary we sony vpl vw500es couldn't see any perceivable difference between the two Blu-rays, so we'll probably just file "Mastered in 4K" Blu-rays along with our old "Superbit" DVDs.

However that was a minor diversion because even with regular Blu-rays the results were so good that we found ourselves watching more and more of our favourite scenes.


At least anyone thinking of buying the VW to afford themselves degree of future proofing can take comfort in the knowledge that they will gain immediate benefit from the Sony with lower resolution content. The mediocre 3D performance sony vpl vw500es the only fly in the VW's otherwise perfect ointment.

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