BOOK REVIEW: Solid State Physics: An Introduction. Book Authors: Hofmann, P. Review Author: Jakoby, Bernhard. Publication: European Journal of Physics. The theoretical description of these effects can become very sophisticated, and in fact theoretical solid state physics is a very active research area. The book. Read 6 answers by scientists to the question asked by Samah El-Broullesy on Oct 15,


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The account presented often probes subjects deep enough to lay the basis for a thorough understanding, preparing the reader for more specialized textbooks. For solid state physics book, I think that this book may serve as an excellent first introduction to semiconductor physics.


Of course, the detailed treatment of some topics had to be spared and it is certainly solid state physics book matter of taste which subjects should be treated in detail in a solid state solid state physics book and which can be covered by references to other textbooks or further literature.

A typical example for the latter is the decision to omit the detailed treatment of the local field concept leading to the Clausius-Mosotti relation. What could be improved in further editions which will hopefully be coming are more specific cross-references within the book and to other textbooks.

In the current edition, missing internal cross-references can be compensated for by solid state physics book the subject index, but it would be nicer to have these in the text. As mentioned above, I expect that this book will also be useful to engineering students.


For these, it would be beneficial to provide more details on underlying terms and concepts that they, according to common engineering curricula, may not be that solid state physics book with. This way, the author succeeds in making the material approachable and interesting.

The presentation is not as formal as most treatments.

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The emphasis is less on the theoretical and mathematical basis of the subject and more on the intuitive understanding of ideas and solid state physics book, but the approach is fresh and the explanations are clear. Put all the distracting and alluring things aside like your mobile phone, Internet, TV or any other highly enticing thing.

It will be better if you just put them far away to your room or give someone else to hide it from you solid state physics book fixed a strict time to use them and exceed the time limit of using it.

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As we all know that just saying that only solid state physics book minutes more and I will leave it but when you leave it you get struck by the fact that you wasted a huge amount of time on this damn thing and this is the point where we started becoming exasperated.

Try to maintain a social solid state physics book with the friends and family as you need to be refreshed and laughing and happiness is the best way to get refreshed and this way you may able to help others or your friends who are totally immersed by the depression of the exam.

If you are not Good at the topic than try to seek some help from others their is no shame asking for help. And I think it's a best way to learn anything as you will retain the information for long time due to the fact that actions attached to the information more firmly and also your friends grip on the topic become more firm.

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