Jump to Summary - Please be aware that the following summary condenses the content of “Self-Reliance." It retains first-person point of view to make the. Self-sufficiency, he writes, gives one the freedom to discover one's true self and attain true independence. “Self-Reliance” summary key points: Emerson urges his readers to follow their individual will instead of conforming to social expectations. Ralph Waldo Emerson is explaining in this summary that no man shall become envious because that is pure ignorance. He believes that you.


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As a result of this moralistic view, society, like nature, may change but never advance.

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Typical of his conclusions, the end of this essay, which repeats the theme of self-reliance and predicts the subjugation of Chance under human will based on self-reliance, self reliance summary greatly optimistic. That's because kids don't sit around and obsess about what people think of them.


They follow their own minds. They're independent, and they have strong opinions: According to Emerson, we should all strive to be like that.

Self-Reliance - Wikipedia

Because having an independent mind, and not giving into pressure to follow the herd, is the only way we can self reliance summary true to our own identity. So let's all be nonconformists. Let's be rebels and go against the grain. Let's do what we want.

Some of these ideas pertained closely to the values of Self reliance summary at the time. These values included nature, individualism, and reform, and can be noted in Emerson's essay. Themes[ edit ] Individual authority: Emerson mentions that citizens control the government so they have control.

Rather than seeing this as a process of maturing, Emerson considers it a process of conforming. One cannot be self-reliant without embracing nonconformity and the unrestrained attitudes of youth.

The essayist is not calling for rebellion but rather a state where the world may see the individual for who he is and where the individual can concentrate on developing character on his own self reliance summary.

In addition to the constraints of conformity leveled upon self reliance summary by society, there are the negative consequences of a desire to live up to or be consistent with past experiences.

We must strive to live only in the present.

Self-Reliance Summary

To Emerson, such a person would be in self reliance summary company as he includes Jesus, Luther, Copernicus, Pythagoras, Newton, and Galileo among the misunderstood. Self reliance summary misunderstood is an essential component of being self-reliant and wise of spirit.

Truths are within the person and must be found there rather than through adherence to formal religion as a way of increasing spirituality.

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