Książka Rzeczy Niepospolite. Polscy Projektanci XX wieku. Uncommon things. Polish Designers of 20th Century. D&B Hoovers provides sales leads and sales intelligence data on over million companies like PIOTR BARABASZ RZECZY NIEPOSPOLITE and Used. Rzeczy niepospolite: polscy projektanci XX wieku(Book) Miliard rzeczy dookoła: Agata Szydłowska rozmawia z polskimi projektantami graficznymi by Agata.


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Activities that are not profit- or market-oriented hardly ever have wide outreach, and their key objective is experimentation with materials, processes or new aesthetics, which is sometimes unacceptable rzeczy niepospolite the mass audience.

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Many designers focus their attention on the search for a national identity, in doing which they gladly fall back on folk culture, locality or the past. What Rzeczy niepospolite of European Future?


In the rapidly changing digital sphere CEEOL is a reliable source of adjusting expertise trusted by scholars, publishers and librarians. Author of numerous rzeczy niepospolite devoted to 20th century art and contemporary art.

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Uncut We should write about Rzeczy niepospolite design more frequently and more abundantly — it is just too good to stay at the sidelines of the discussion on fine arts and architecture, as it used to be before.

Recently, we have seen a major breakthrough in this respect, with the rzeczy niepospolite of many crucial articles, collective works, monographs of selected historical periods, and, most importantly, the volume Rzeczy niepospolite, which presented the profiles of the most outstanding Polish designers of the 20th century.

However, what we did not have was a book that would rzeczy niepospolite the state of Polish design in contemporary times. Finally, we have rzeczy niepospolite — published by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, which for years have been advertising Polish design all around the world, rightly treating it as an element of our national branding.


The beautiful photographs illustrating the text were taken by Przemek Szuba. Thanks to their team work, we have received rzeczy niepospolite guide to the world of contemporary Polish design, a true pioneer in rzeczy niepospolite respects.

In addition, the publication includes interviews with 12 designers, thus recognising their work and experience.

Therefore, the book is both a catalogue of the best of the best in Polish design and an attempt to summarise rzeczy niepospolite changes that took place between and One of the most important aspects of Polish Design rzeczy niepospolite that it presents the significance of design for the economy, and, more broadly, for the entire economic transformation that had taken place in Poland.

It is not therefore a story of unique objects, of paper blueprints or artsy items, but a narrative on things that actually made it to the stores and international fairs, contributing to the growth of Polish economy.


It turns out that Poles are rzeczy niepospolite dummies, they have their own language, as well as furniture, lamps, ceramics, watches, buses, airplanes, yachts and trains.

It is also thanks to design that Polish economy rzeczy niepospolite slowly finding its way out of the depression of the s, when the market was dominated by imported, high-quality products.

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