Pour mettre au point le plan du métro parisien, il a en effet étudié les archives de la RATP et travaillé sur d'anciens plans comme le plan. Et ce qui s'en rapproche le plus sur ce plan de métro, c'est la Northern. .. sinueux, et même le calcul d'itinéraire de a du mal avec ça. Le métro de Paris est un système de transport en commun desservant la ville de Paris et son agglomération. Le plan de Métro de Paris est fourni par la RATP.


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It was responsible for building three proposed lines: Because of the high construction costs, the construction of line C was postponed.

Interactive Paris Metro Map. Intuitive and cool!

This was necessary because of steep gradients ratp carte metro NS lines. NS distinguished itself from its competitor with the high-quality decoration of its stations, the trains' extreme comfort and pretty lighting. Nord-Sud did not become profitable and bankruptcy became unavoidable.


Paris planned three new lines and extensions of most lines to ratp carte metro inner suburbs, despite the reluctance of Parisians. It extended north in encompassing the already-built portion between Invalides and Duroc, initially planned as part of the inner circular.

Paris Metro Map Interactive

Lines 10, 11 and 14 were thus the three new lines envisaged under this plan. Most lines would be extended to the inner suburbs.

The first to leave the city proper was line 9, extended in to Boulogne-Billancourt ; more followed in the s. World War II forced authorities to abandon projects such as the extension of Lines 4 or 12 to the northern suburbs. Byeight lines had been ratp carte metro Services were limited and many stations closed.

Ratp carte metro a result, Lines 2 and 6 now form a circle. Most stations were too shallow to be used as bomb shelters.

Métro de Paris : plan, carte et itinéraire

The French Resistance used the tunnels to conduct swift assaults ratp carte metro Paris. Many stations had not reopened by the s and some closed for good.

Outdated technology limited the number of trains, which led the RATP to stop extending lines and concentrate on modernisation.

Thanks to newer trains and better signalling, trains ran ratp carte metro frequently.


The population boomed from to Car ownership became more common and suburbs grew further from the centre of Paris. The main railway stations, termini of ratp carte metro suburban rail lines, were overcrowded during rush hour.

Paris RER & Train Map

The short distance between metro stations slowed the ratp carte metro and made it unprofitable to build extensions.

The solution in the s was to revive a project abandoned at the end of the 19th century: Because of the enormous cost of these two lines, the third planned line was abandoned and the authorities decided that later developments of the RER network would be more cheaply developed by SNCFalongside its continued management of other suburban lines.

InSNCF developed line C by joining the suburban lines of Gare d'Austerlitz and Gare d'Orsaythe latter being converted into a museum dedicated to ratp carte metro paintings.

Distances between stations on the lengthened line 13 differ from that on other lines in order to make it more "express" and hence to extend it farther in the suburbs. Roosevelt station on Line 1 In OctoberLine 14 was inaugurated.

ratp carte metro


It was the first with platform screen doors to prevent suicides and accidents. It was conceived with extensions to the suburbs in mind, similar to the extensions of the line 13 built during the s. As a ratp carte metro, most of the stations are at least a kilometre apart.

The line runs between Saint-Lazare and Olympiades. Lines 7 and 13 are the only two on the network to be split in branches. The RATP would like to get rid of those saturated branches in order to improve the network's ratp carte metro.

A project existed to attribute to line 14 one branch of each line, and to extend them further ratp carte metro the suburbs.

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