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In fact, among the princes, Buddha had the greatest hope that Ananda would leave home with him.

When the Buddha knew Ananda had returned to Kapilavastu, he immediately went to the palace of King Suklodana. When Ananda saw the Buddha, he paid phap bao dan kinh respects to the Buddha and used a fan to fan Him.

Pháp bảo đàn kinh

From here we can see that little Ananda had respected Buddha even at a young age. Helping in the Setting up of the Order of Nuns Growing phap bao dan kinh in the Sangha, Ananda had a gentle and compassionate disposition.

He was most respected by women because he was caring towards the bhikkhunis and women followers of the Buddha. It was due to the effort of Ananda that Buddha allowed female to phap bao dan kinh bhikkhunis.

To avoid the frequent begging from his foster mother, the Buddha went to preach in Namantini monastery which was not far from Vaisali.


Mahaprajapati was not deterred. She gathered five hundred women of the Sakyan clan who had similar thoughts as her, shaved their hair and walked bare-footed phap bao dan kinh catch up with the Buddha. They walked for over two thousand miles and finally reached the monastery where the Buddha stayed.

Vietnam's New Order: International Perspectives on the State and Reform in - Google Книги

Having stayed in the palace for so long and not used to walking such long distances, the women looked tired and haggard. They paced outside the phap bao dan kinh and dared not enter. Ananda happened to come out and when he saw Mahaprajapati and the other women wearing the robes of bhikkunis, with dust and tears on their faces, he had a shock.

If Buddha refuse us again, we shall die here and never return! He related the message to Buddha and begged the Buddha to grant the women their wish. Are men phap bao dan kinh women different in the Buddha Dharma?

Thông báo hướng dẫn chi tiết thủ tục cấp Phiếu lý lịch tư pháp qua dịch vụ bưu chính tại Sở Tư pháp

I do not discriminate against women, that is to say that I treat all sentient beings as equal. Women can do as the phap bao dan kinh did, follow my Dharma and practice but they need not become bhikkunis.

This is the question of our system and not whether men and women are equal. Women leaving home are like wild grass in the field which will affect the harvest.

On the aspect of humanity, women should be allowed to leave home however on the aspect of Dharma logic, it s not good to allow the two sexes to practice together. Wisdom and love move opposite ways, some people might give phap bao dan kinh practice for love so Buddha refused to let women to join the Sangha.

Thế hệ Z tại Việt Nam

Or phap bao dan kinh the Buddha felt that as compared to men, women are more vain, delicate and slower than men so he disallowed women from entering to teach them a lesson. Happily, Ananda rushed outside to announce the good news. Mahaprajapti and the other women were overjoyed with tears.


The Buddha met the five hundred women and wanted them to obey eight extra rules towards the monks. Encounter with Matanga Ananda was young and handsome and this caused him some trouble. One day, he begged in Sravasti and on the way back he saw a well.

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