Lymphomatoid papulosis (LyP) is a chronic papulonecrotic or papulonodular skin disease with histologic features suggestive of a malignant lymphoma. It classifies lymphomatoid papulosis as an indolent T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder of the skin, under primary cutaneous CD30+ T. Introduction. Lymphomatoid papulosis (LyP) is considered a cutaneous .. Narro R, Lacy R, Hojyo M. Papulosis linfomatoide. Reporte de. Lymphomatoid papulosis is part of primary cutaneous lymphoproliferative disorders, being one rare variation of cutaneous Tcells lymphomas with high.


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Lesions contain unusual cells that are similar to papulosis linfomatoide found in some lymphomas cancers of the lymphatic system. What causes lymphomatoid papulosis and who gets it?

The cause of lymphomatoid papulosis is unknown but it is associated with a proliferation of atypical T-cell lymphocytes funny-looking papulosis linfomatoide cells. The estimated incidence is 1.

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papulosis linfomatoide It may affect people of all races, sex and age but is less often seen in black skinned people. Several mitoses were also seen.

papulosis linfomatoide Moreover, attention was drawn to the presence of abundant eosinophils in the infiltrate, with only a few neutrophils, histiocytes, and plasma cells Figure 2. Immunohistochemical studies proved positive for CD30 in some of the abnormal lymphocytes.


No study papulosis linfomatoide made of T cell receptor rearrangement. The result of papulosis linfomatoide biopsy confirmed oral involvement by lymphomatoid papulosis, and we believe it probable that the same diagnosis can be applied to the first lesion suffered by the patient 6 months previously.

Ulcerous lesion on the underside of the tongue.

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Oral involvement in cases of lymphomatoid papulosis is a fairly rare occurrence, but it has been reported previously in the literature. Papulosis linfomatoide article published by Pujol et al3 is especially interesting on this front as it describes 2 new cases and papulosis linfomatoide all the previously published literature.

In total, the authors present 6 cases: Histologically, all cases showed features compatible with type A of lymphomatoid papulosis.

Papulosis linfomatoide tipo D folicular

Molecular studies showed monoclonality in the 3 cases in which this technique papulosis linfomatoide done. Material and papulosis linfomatoide A retrospective study analyzing the characteristics of 9 patients aged up to 18 diagnosed of lymphomatoid papulosis attended in our department from to was performed.

Results The study included 7 boys and 2 girls aged between 2 and

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