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Full unformatted newspaper text The following text is a digital copy of this issue in its entirety, but it may not be readable and does not contain any formatting.


To view the original copy of this newspaper you can carry out some searches for text within it to view snapshot images of the original ntc 5613 ultima actualizacion and you can then purchase a page or the whole document using the 'Purchase Options' box above. The Names ntc 5613 ultima actualizacion Persons charged icith Offences who are known but not in custody, and a Description of those who are not known, their Appearance, Dress, and other marks of Identity.


J At' Names of Accomplices and Accessories, with every particular which may lead to their Apprehension. A Description, as accurate as possible, of Property that ntc 5613 ultima actualizacion been stolen, and a minute Description of Stolen Ilorses for the purpose of tracing and recovering them.

Whenever it is desired that any person should be appre- hended, and the Name is given, it is indispensably necessary that an information should be made and sworn to before a Magistrate, of ntc 5613 ultima actualizacion Offence charged, and an attested copy thereof, together with the advertisement, forwarded to the Editor for insertion.

Advertisements offering rewards must stato dearly: The person by whom it will be paid. They should be signed or accompanied by a letter, signed by the persons forwarding them.

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They should contain no expressions holding out any expectation of reward for the return of the property, without the apprehension of the offender. It is particularly requested that when, owing either to insufficiency or incorrectness of the address or other- wise, Copies of this Gazette are delivered to persons, to whom they are not addressed, or who are not now entitled to receive them, such Ntc 5613 ultima actualizacion may he at once returned through the Post to " The Editor, Bow Street, London.


Found in a soft water cistern, at Peterborough: On 2nd instant a coroner's inquest held on the body, a verdict of wilful murder was returned against some person or persons unknown. A lever, f- plate, No.

The Police Gazette

All the English lever watches are marked ' Geo. Aberdeen, ' and some may have in addition, ' Makers to H. Wyness, City Police Office, Aberdeen. Bungard, Surrey Constabulary, Chertsey.

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Charged with burg1 airy and stealing an Overcoat and a small Mutton Ntc 5613 ultima actualizacion, recovered ; a pair of cotton twill Shirts and some Beef and Mutton, cooked, and a 4lb. Loaf, not recovered, at Shutlanehead, Whitmore, on the night of 20th ultimo: Infor- mation to Mr.

Charged with uttering forged Cheques on the Lowestoft Branch of Messrs. Lacon, Youalt and Co. Bauk, on 18th instant: Information to the Chief Constable, Guildhall, Norwich.


Stolen, by means of ntc 5613 ultima actualizacion, during ths night of 1st instant: Coppinger, Kent Constabulary, Chatham. Stolen by means of housebreaking, from a jeweller's shop, in Aberdeen, during the night of 29th ultimo: Information to Chief Supt.

Stolen by means of burglary between 12 p. Cunningham' ; 1 table cloth Cover, chocolate colour ; 1 pair gentleman's lace- up Boots.

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Marks were traced of two very small feet. Stolen during the night of 29th ultimo, or early on the morning of 30th ultimo, from the Wood Farm, Hanley Castle: Hall, on the apprehension and conviction of the offender or offenders.

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Stolen from a field at Swanscombe, during the night of 29th ultimo:

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