Check out the full range of e+Chess features and capabilities. e+Books will be releasing new chess eBooks regularly from top authors and publishers, for chess. On our site you can download chess pdf books. Lasker's Manual of Chess, New 21st Century Edition. 0; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5. ; books; 59; 0. e+Chess available now on iTunes! Link to iTunes: e+Chess - Limited. Chess books for the iPad - more than just text!


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It new in chess e-books up the flow of the text. It takes too long. I preferr this interface to the other iPad chess viewer with the Everyman Press books. That publisher should cross-market their books through this reader.

Chess Books PDF — Download

It's just better, in my opinion. Eagerly awaiting more books, like Reassess Your Chess: This is the way to do it, I just hope now it fulfills new in chess e-books potential and is supported well enough to bring it to the attention of more chessplayers, then hopefully we will see a good selection of titles.

Well done on getting the superb Valeri Beim book in your catalogue, great start.


Book on the left, board on the right. Tap any move in the text, and the board sets automatically to that position.

Forward Chess is the Premier Chess Book App

Move pieces to analyze on the right, tap the left to reset and keep new in chess e-books. Ever wished you could just tap on the moves in your chess book, and they would play themselves on the board?

  • Forward Chess | interactive Chess eBooks
  • Free Chess School
  • Top chess e-books (Kindle) for intermediate level.

There are also Contents, Indices, lists of games, etc. You can choose to look at any position in the game or plow through variations and subvariations.

Eplus offers a variety of features such as external links, and scalable photos. You can copy text for pasting in another applicationadd sticky notes, highlight text, and new in chess e-books some cases look up the definitions of words.

Text and board are resizable.

These and other features are outlined in the User Guide. In new in chess e-books books there are a liberal number of diagrams usually more than in the original hardcopy work. What are the limitations of this program and format?

The only thing I really miss, however, is an embedded analytical chess engine with which to assess positions and suggest the best moves. Incidentally new vistas will be opened to him, and his playing strength increased to a surprising degree.


The large majority of chess players who would like to improve their game, have not the necessary opportunity of pitting themselves against players of master-strength, or at least of obtaining the desired instruction from personal intercourse with them.

It is for such players that the present work is intended. new in chess e-books

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The perfect Chess Strategy ebook prepared by Nasser Baei. It illustrates Eugene Znosko-Borovsky's gift for explaining a difficult subject briefly and yet unhurriedly. Glad to see this as it is my favorite for reading chess books when I'm mobile.


Unfortunately I could not see the book in iPad.

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