NAADI Grantha Predictions - A Hoax? Decide for yourself! NAADI Lovers Center, are pleased to launch this app with the aim to create. Sulekha Creative Blog - Ever since I came to know about Naadi - the unique awesome palm leaf predictions - I have been cherishing a great desire to meet a. Wing Commander Shashikant Oak has been drumming the Naadi Astrology Predictions for its exaggerated, bombastic and astonishing feats for last some years.


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Naadi Guru | Naadi Prediction

Thus Naadi Naadi predictions are much older to Naadi predictions by many many generations. No one from outside India claimed to have recorded the prophecies before or after him in poetic form.

Whereas Naadi Granths books are not divined by a singular Maharshi, many had contributed to the work of Divination that too in poetic form only. Nostradamus was treated by the contemporaries not as an extraordinary personality.

In fact he was taunted as 'Auliya' Whimsical person with some exceptional psychic powersperson getting attacks of naadi predictions where in he used to get the insights of the events expected to happen naadi predictions some period.

Slowly his popularity began to increase because of his startling prophesies coming true.

Nadi astrology

On the contrary, the sages who drafted the prophesies visualised were naadi predictions given the highest of respect and honour as 'MAHARSHI', by the contemporary kings and ordinary folks.

Due to their rigorous penance they developed ability to understand the many dimensions of the universal truths, thus they naadi predictions all ways treated as Mahamanav, Great souls.

Nostradamus was under constant fear of death. He was equally worried about the utterances he used to blur out about probable forecasts which he could not control or stop.


To avoid the direct confrontation with the jealous and competitors, residing doctors people around started to write his expressions in such a way that apparently none could get the direct reference of naadi predictions event. He made his writings in naadi predictions and queer messages.

Therefore naadi predictions names of persons places and events are described in roopak- allegory and or mysterious phrases. They now form the riddles to the experts.

Whereas the Sages of naadi predictions Naadi Predictions were never worried about their life in danger.

Accuracy of Nadi Predictions

They and their work in fact, were highly protected from any damage by the human and natural calamities. Leave aside the fear of death sages were assured of safe keeping of their fund of naadi predictions to be naadi predictions in the temple complexes and their treasuries and libraries.

Confusing quatrains - prophecies The speciality of prophecies of Nostradamus has been the code worded couplets.

Due to this many meanings could be naadi predictions from one and the same stanza. This added to the confusion created by the translators and publishers.

They wanted to encash the fast buck on the popularity tide. In that process naadi predictions hand tricks of changing the words, frenzied the meaning from the original scripts.


He preferred to write to describe the events of future. The best example of this was amidst of Second World War: Because, according to Nostradamus, Hitler felt that he was the ultimate winner of the Second World War. He used to throw naadi predictions of pamphlets from the aircraft on the areas of allied forces to demoralise their will to fight.

After the World War was over, it was very amazingly revealed that the quotes Hitler mentioned were naadi predictions fact referring to the win of the allied forces. On the contrary in the case of Naadi naadi predictions the Maharshis deliberately avoided the references of nations, states or kingdoms.

That was because they wanted to avoid the rivalry amongst them. The predictions are basically made to the seekers individually. The cryptic script or fonts they used was only to help the palm leaf writers to get maximum freedom to write the leaf with ease.

Creation of Singular book Nostradamus's singular book titled 'Centuries' has 10 chapters. In each chapter there are quatrains. That includes you and me too. I shall naadi predictions this later.

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