WALK IN. alt=Janet casts the flaming / Sword into the Well. MORE ENGLISH. Fairy Tales. COLLECTED AND EDITED BY. JOSEPH JACOBS. English Fairy Tales and More English Fairy Tales. by Joseph Jacobs Edited and with an introduction by Donald Haase. "Knock at the Knocker on the Door. Buy the More English Fairy Tales online from Takealot. Many ways to pay. Non-Returnable. We offer fast, reliable delivery to your door.


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This book is a facsimile of the original edition of the text, complete with gorgeous illustrations from John D. It comprises an impressive eighty seven fairy tales, many more english fairy tales which more english fairy tales variations on better known versions of the stories, such as the many different versions of Cinderella which appear, and all of which are quite short in length.

All in all, it is a lovely collection to read, whether as an adult or a child.

I found the selection of stories really interesting, particularly in instances where they followed more english fairy tales basic outline that was familiar but with some subtle differences. It makes me curious as to how this character was transformed from more english fairy tales male fox into the little girl Goldilocks from the tale more familiar today apparently by way of being an old woman and then a young girl called Silver-hair, according to the appendix.

Likewise, the well known story of the Pied Piper is altered by moving the setting from Hamelyn to Newtown on the shores of the Solent. My folk-lore friends look on with sadness while they view me laying profane hands on the sacred text of my originals. I have actually at times introduced or deleted whole incidents, have given another turn to a tale, or finished off one that was incomplete, while I have had no scruple in prosing a ballad or softening down over-abundant dialect.

This is rank sacrilege in the eyes of the rigid more english fairy tales in matters folk-lorical. My defence might be that I had a cause at heart as sacred as our science of folk-lore—the filling of our children's imaginations with bright trains of images.

English Fairy Tales and More English Fairy Tales - ABC-CLIO

But even on the lofty heights of folk-lore science I am not entirely defenceless. Do my friendly critics believe that even Campbell's materials had not been modified by the various narrators before they more english fairy tales the great J. Why may I not have the same privilege as any other story-teller, especially when I know the ways of story-telling as she is told in English, at least as well as a Devonshire or Lancashire peasant?

Well, they did the same as I. Then as to using tales in Lowland Scotch, whereat more english fairy tales Saturday Reviewer, whose identity and fatherland were not difficult to guess, was so shocked. Scots a dialect of English!

Scots tales the same as English!

English Fairy Tales and More English Fairy Tales

Matter of fact, is my reply, which will only confirm him, I fear, in his convictions. Yet I appeal to him, why make a difference between tales told on different sides of the More english fairy tales A tale told in Durham or Cumberland in a dialect which only Dr.

Murray could distinguish from Lowland Scotch, would on all hands be allowed to be "English. A tale in Henderson is English: The truth is, my folk-lore friends and my More english fairy tales Reviewer differ with me on the important problem of the origin of folk-tales.

They think that a tale probably originated where it is found. They therefore attribute more importance than I to the exact form in which it is found and restrict it to the locality of birth.


I consider the probability to lie in an origin elsewhere: I think it more likely than not that any tale found in a place was rather brought there than more english fairy tales there. I have discussed this matter elsewhere [1] with all the solemnity its importance deserves, and cannot attempt further to defend my position here.


But even the reader innocent of folk-lore can see that, holding more english fairy tales views, I do not attribute much anthropological value to tales whose origin is probably foreign, and am certainly not likely to make a hard-and-fast division between tales of the North Countrie and those told across the Border.

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