Ausflüge in die Lissabonner Umgebung. Mit vielen Reiseinformationen zu Kunst, Kultur, Gastronomie und Unterhaltung sowie Stadt-/Metroplan und App. : Berndtson Lisbon/Lisboa/Lissabon City Streets Map (City Map) by Berndtson and a great Metro plan/public transportation. metro lisboa, Metroplan Lissabon PDF, lisbon subway system, metro lisboa fahrplan, metro map lisbon portugal, lisboa metro map download.


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At the barrier place the Viva Viagem card on metroplan lissabon sensor on the right side and the barrier will open.

If you swipe the card to soon after the previous passenger the barrier will not open. As with all public transport in busy cities be metroplan lissabon of your surrounds and do not metroplan lissabon thieves the opportunity to steal items. The amount of thefts on the Lisbon metro system is no worse than any other big city but always vigilant.

Lisbon Metro Guide - Updated for 2018!

If travelling late at night sit in busy carriages and away from dodge looking people. There are lots of ticket machines The metro ticket machines accepts coins, notes and cards The Map of Lisbon Metro Lisbon metro map Lisbon Metro Routes Overview There are four metro lines and are conveniently colour coded; blue, yellow, green and red.

The green metro line connects the tourist areas around Baixa and the train station metroplan lissabon Cascais. The red metro line connects Expo Metroplan lissabon and the airport to the other lines.

The older yellow and blue lines follow Lisbon's main avenues heading north metroplan lissabon north west and are of less importance for tourists.

History of Lisbon Metro Construction of Lisbon metro was started on 7 August and the first service was on the 29th December The initial metro was just 6.

Lisbon Metro

During the s a loop of central Lisbon was constructed and in the network was split into two lines, the Blue Line and the Yellow Line. The entrance to the metro at the airport In May a third line, metroplan lissabon Red Line, was constructed to connect Alameda station to the exhibition grounds of Expo In the Blue, Yellow and Green lines were further extended.

An extension to Portela Airport metroplan lissabon opened in September and connects the red line to the airport which then in turn connects to all other lines.


This connection did cause controversy as the airport is scheduled to be replaced in less than 10 years.

Metroplan lissabon card is 7 colinas viva viagemand the ticket costs 1.

The ticket is valid for duration of one hour after it has been validated and provides unlimited travel until metroplan lissabon last entrance validation.

Riders can also purchase a one day ticket that costs 6. This ticket provides unlimited metroplan lissabon in a day. There is an option of Zapping, which provides travel on various operators. The card is 7 colinas viva viagem Lisboa viva and can be loaded for 5.

Lissabon - Johannes Beck - Google книги

Cost of one metro journey using Zapping is 1. The journey is valid for the entire metro network.

Passengers can also purchase Navegante Pass. A Navegante urban pass costs Monthly L1, L12 and L passes are available that cost The L1 for seniors costs The tickets can be purchased at ticketing offices and vending machines at all metro stations, and other select outlets.

For metroplan lissabon information on the fares, tickets metroplan lissabon cards, you can visit the official website at:

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