Maulana Ahmed Ali Lahori. K likes. Community. Maulana Ahmed Ali Lahori died on 17, Ramazanul-mubarik (hijri) (AD 16 August ). There was no intimate when he arrived in Lahore, but there were. Maulana Ahmed Ali Lahori was a renowned Sufi muslim scholar of Indian Maulana Obaid Ullah Sindhi took Ahmed Ali Lahori to his spiritual.


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Mawlana Ahmad ‘Ali Lahori – Ḥayāt al-‘Ulamā’

Due to the growing number of maulana ahmed ali lahori, his Mosque was expended thrice, so that the listener could be saved from cold. Later on this Dars was divided into three different levels, and at different timings, according to the type of audience.

It was a kind of preaching that addressed common issues in the light of the holy Quran and Hadith. Even women were also participants of it but behind curtains. Scholarly Lessons Dars-e-Khaas The graduated students of Madressa, after 8 years of religious maulana ahmed ali lahori, from subcontinent, would participate in this Lesson.

It even continues till now.

Ahmed Ali Lahori

These lesson would start from the 1st Ramadan and would complete in two to three months. This Lesson would last for three to five hours daily. Due to its advanced levelit was meant for only the select audience. In one such incidences, he was delivering sermons, when his eldest son, Maulana Habibullah maulana ahmed ali lahori and whispered something in his ears and left.

To which he just maulana ahmed ali lahori and proceeded with the sermon. A little later the same son appeared again and again whispered in his ears but the sermon continued as usual. The same happened the third time his son appeared.

At the end of the sermon when Maulana Habibullah, his eldest son, was inquired by some attendants maulana ahmed ali lahori the matter, he revealed that when he came for the first time, he alarmed his father about the critical condition of his sister.

Ahmed Ali Lahori - Wikipedia

On the second time he intimated ab out her near-death state last gaspsand finally he sadly disclosed about her death. But despite the seriousness of the matter Maulana Ahmed Ali Lahori did not seize maulana ahmed ali lahori sermon, in order to avoid discontinuity, even for a single day.

At the beginning, it started in a private house in Lahore, which later on turned into a madressa religious school for ladies. Maulana Ahmed Ali presided it and wrote 34 magazines on religious percepts propositions meanwhile.

maulana ahmed ali lahori

He initiated a weekly magazine named Khudam-u-Din in and its readership came up to 15, within a period of a few monthes. After his sad demise, his maulana ahmed ali lahori Maulana Obaidullah Anwerbecame the leader of this Organization in Hazrat Maulana Ajmal Qadiri is the present editor of this magazine.

To do Zikr-ullah times daily 2.


To be punctual in Five Times Prayers daily 3. To assure not getting anybody into trouble.


It is unanimously verified and authenticated by all sects alike. He has insisted all of them to continue the mission and observe sincerity and selflessness in their service to religion.

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