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No one had seen him or maracangalha partitura from him and, from what we gathered, he had changed hotels in the past few days and unexpectedly returned. His spokesman was his manager, Gil.

Not to be confused with Gilberto Gil. We would know only at show time.

Chuck Mangione

There were lots of musicians, picked as if from a music box containing a few rare jewels. Milton Nascimento was seen from time to time walking with friends down 56th Street on the way to who knows where, on one of his many crossings of New York. All were somewhere in the city, each preparing for the event in his maracangalha partitura her own way, maintaining privacy, waiting.

Would she sing "The Girl from Ipanema"? The pianist Eliane Elias has also been living in Maracangalha partitura York since the seventies.

Broken Wings

Paulo and Daniel Jobim had already arrived from Rio. Maestro Oscar Castro-Neves, based in Los Angeles, would be the one who maintained the evening's flow, cohesion, and musical balance.

In the last decade, Oscar had maracangalha partitura the ideal maracangalha partitura.

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Apart from being a renown arranger, he has become involved maracangalha partitura the art and science of phonographic production as well as creating maracangalha partitura for American television and films.

I remembered that Oscar had come to the United States for the first time with the bossa nova boys in ' Actually, Carnegie Hall was his first big musical concert. It was natural that he should be the connecting link between the American and Brazilian musicians.

He speaks all musical languages fluently.

Emi Gilbert photos on Flickr | Flickr

Also present was the percussionist Paulinho da Costa, another resident of the City of Angels. He is considered an authority, due to his sensibility and musical subtlety, and admired by other musicians and the world at large. The newest member of the group maracangalha partitura Daniel Jobim, Paulo's son and Tom's grandson, a young musician of great talent, according to Dave Grusin and Herbie Hancock.

In the band which would accompany most of the maracangalha partitura we also had Vinnie Colaiuta, one of the most respected American drummers, who has recorded with stars like Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, and maracangalha partitura Sting.

Well, the result promised to be remarkable.

Your absence hurts, Maestro!

Lee Ritenour had been anchored for days in maracangalha partitura hotel's music room where he had spent long hours looking over the sheet music, studying the arrangements, playing with possibilities, rethinking and solidifying the order in which the songs would be presented.

A lot of this he had decided long before, but like the consummate professional he is, he was mulling over his ideas. Ritenour, the musical producer maracangalha partitura the "Tribute," began his career as a guitarist when he was twenty and soon became one of the most sought-after studio musicians in his native United States.

He has recorded 25 solo albums of contemporary jazz.


The final rehearsal of the show was set for 3: I still had around an hour to eat a sandwich in one of those delis where I believed a pastrami on rye would help me really immerse maracangalha partitura in the spirit of this city where Jobim himself was inspired, from time to time, by his walks through Central Park.

I ran into a maracangalha partitura friend, maracangalha partitura chance, who suggested we have a bite at Planet Hollywood, next door to the hotel.

There would be a few minutes' wait during which we could bring each other up to date maracangalha partitura the latest happenings. Our chat contained many musical stories: So much time passed in line at the Planet that now I had only a half hour to get to the theater. Finally, three lines later, they served us very good hamburgers and Caesar salad, better than at most of these stylish places.

After eating my sandwich, I took off like maracangalha partitura mini-marathon runner who knows from the start maracangalha partitura he's going to be late.

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