In Mapping the Mind, award-winning journalist Rita Carter draws on the latest Among many other topics, Carter explores obsessions and addictions, the. In Mapping the Mind, award-winning journalist Rita Carter draws on the latest imaging technology and science to chart how human behavior and personality. Buy a cheap copy of Mapping the Mind book by Rita Carter. In the last decades of the 20th century, scientists have come to believe that the human brain is.


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I have many margin notes asking the same question about memory, especially about how a memory is retrieved or, as the book argues, re-constructed.

How is it done? This is the stuff of future research and understanding.

I think much of what we think we know mapping mind rita carter this subject is still in the nature of conjecture, based on research utilizing brain scans to show what part of the brain lights up when various stimuli and tasks are presented.

The research field is new and rapidly evolving.

Mapping the Mind by Rita Carter

This is more than a coffee table book for the layman Mapping the Mind charts the way human behavior and mapping mind rita carter have been molded by the landscape of the brain. Carter shows how our personalities reflect the biological mechanisms underlying thought and emotion and how behavioral eccentricities may be traced to abnormalities in an individual brain.

Now, however, new imaging techniques make the internal world of the mind visible, much as X-rays reveal our bones.

This is simply false, for two reasons: Resolution The amount of details in brain imaging is similar to the amount of data mapping mind rita carter an X-rays picture of the bones.

Comments on 'mapping the Mind' by Rita Carter

However, the phenomena under mapping mind rita carter, i. X-rays can be made to give higher resolution, but that is not true for current brain imaging techniques, because they are all based on observing processes that are inherently low resolution.


The results of such imaging tend to agree with the gross areas that were already identified in the 19th century the sensory-motor areas and Wernicke and Broca areasbut higher resolution results are not mapping mind rita carter.

Thus they are essentially noise, though it is possible that some of them are idiosyncratic to the individuals being imaged.

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  • Mapping the Mind by Rita Carter - Paperback - University of California Press
  • Mapping the Mind
  • See a Problem?

Most of what you will read is actually more complicated than I might make it appear, and some of it will almost certainly turn out to be wrong. This is because many of the findings are mapping mind rita carter new to have been replicated.

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