The King LT (known as the laryngeal tube in Europe) differs from the Combitube by being smaller, shorter, and softer and having a non-latex oropharyngeal cuff. Intubating laryngeal tube with drain tube. Up to 20% of all emergency intubations are estimated to be difficult to manage¹. Having the right system available is the. The laryngeal tube (VBM Medizintechnik, Sulz, Germany) is a relatively new extraglottic airway, designed to secure a patent airway during either spontaneous.


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The laryngeal tube-Suction The efficacy of laryngeal tube laryngeal tube-Suction II is yet to be determined, because there have been only a few reports on the first type of this device with inconsistent results.

Roth and colleagues 57 studied 50 patients and concluded that laryngeal tube laryngeal tube Suction was as effective as the ProSeal laryngeal mask.

In contrast, in 32 patients, Cook and colleagues 30 concluded that the quality of airway maintenance and laryngeal tube ability to ventilate the patient's lungs through the laryngeal tube-Suction was inferior to that through the ProSeal.

The laryngeal tube-Suction required more time to insert and more frequent adjustments of the device position and was associated with a higher incidence of respiratory complications.

The laryngeal tube.

Nevertheless, the reported airway pressure at laryngeal tube gas starts to leak around the device is 24 cm Laryngeal tube or higher, 12 24 31 — 33 37 53 and thus the laryngeal tube would usually provide an airtight seal during controlled ventilation.

No gastric insufflation was detected in patients reported so far by several researchers Table 3.

From the limited number of studies and reports available, it can be concluded that the laryngeal tube is laryngeal tube useful in maintaining a laryngeal tube airway during anaesthesia and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

In addition, the device may be useful as an aid to tracheal intubation. Downloads and further information. Care must be taken so that the items tied about the head do not lacerate the corners of the mouth or the ears.

The tape stops must be checked routinely because facial edema can expand and pull the tube out of the trachea. If a leak develops, fiberoptic laryngoscopy can be used to guide the ETT back into the trachea.

The ETT's position and taping should be checked laryngeal tube, especially during changes in patient position and after patient transport. Patients can be symptomatic immediately after ETT removal, or strictures can develop over time, leading to progressive airway stenosis.

Before extubation, the upper airway should be assessed for patency.


Fiberoptic inspection of the larynx laryngeal tube airway is useful to identify laryngeal tube sources of immediate extubation airway loss. The patient's other critical illnesses also should be corrected before considering extubation. Any gastric feedings should be discontinued at least 4 hours before extubation, and the patient should be free of ileus and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Laryngeal Tubes - VBM Medizintechnik GmbH Medical Products Made in Germany

Routine intensive care unit ventilatory management parameters must always be considered. In patients at high risk for airway compromise after extubation, the anesthesiologist and surgeon can be at the bedside to reintubate or provide a surgical airway if the extubation effort fails.

A Cook catheter can be placed in the airway and left in position laryngeal tube extubation to serve as a reintubation guide. Tube sizes up to 18 Fr. ColoUr Coding Connector and syringe are colour coordinated and clearly indicate the laryngeal tube recommended inflation volume during laryngeal tube inflation.

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