ESPARTERO, BALDOMERO duke of Vitoria, duke of Morella, prince of Vergara, . Pirala, A., Historia de la guerra civil, con la regencia de Espartero (g). Encuadrada dentro de la regencia de Espartero , la imagen nos muestra el bombardeo de Barcelona por Espartero en diciembre de al pueblo fascinaban, no tuvo más remedio el Regente que echarse al campo, la licencia absoluta, alegando que no combatirían por Espartero ni contra él.


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This data is provided as an additional tool in helping to ensure edition identification: Alfonso XII, who came to the throne in following the military coup that la regencia de espartero the sort- lived and chaotic First Republic, visited Espartero three times and confirmed the title Prince of Vergara.


The first visit came in Februaryonly six weeks after Alfonso had been proclaimed king. The final visit was in Octoberwhen the recently- widowed king came to share his mourning with the recently-widowed Espartero.

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La regencia de espartero was this so? What were the mechanisms that allowed Espartero to retain his fame for so many years after his public life had come to an end?

On January 10,mere days after Alfonso was proclaimed king, Espartero sent him a letter: Espartero Archive 20 There is some evidence the tactic was effective.

Espartero Archive 26 For a recent interpretation which sees celebrity as a product of modernity created and diffused between andsee lilti Before the Battle of Luchana on December 24, he was known only to his family, friends and comrades. A few days later he was a national hero.

At 8am on Christmas morning, to the pealing of church bells, Espartero la regencia de espartero his troops into the city.

LA VIDA DE BALDOMERO ESPARTERO by Celia González Agudo on Prezi

There were special theatre performances and widely-supported subscriptions for the widows and orphans of the defenders of Bilbao. City after city named a street or square after the battle.

On February 6,every la regencia de espartero in Spain celebrated a special mass for those had died and priests discussed the battle in their sermons.


The Espartero cult touched even ordinary aspects of daily life: What follows is based on garrido muro: Soon after came the turmoil of his Regency, which split the Progressives, generated a fierce press campaign against him la regencia de espartero ended in in a military revolt and exile His return to power following the Revolution of la regencia de espartero no less brief and no more successful, and after it he continued to be a divisive figure, especially among Progressives.

In spite of all this, Esparte- ro retained his fame and his following.

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la regencia de espartero In part this was due to the efforts of the branch of the Progressives, headed by Pascual Madoz and, until he decided that General Prim was a better bet, Victor Balaguer, which continued to see Espar- tero as their leader But only in part.

Juan Sin Tierra, su hermano, ocupaba la regencia. Espartero crushed with much energy a revolutionary rising in Barcelona, but on his return to Madrid was so coldly welcomed that he perceived that his prestige was on the wane.

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