K53 Signs and Controls is the most popular FREE Signs and Controls app in South Africa. K53 Signs and Controls helps you understand the meaning of road. Take this quiz to see if you'd pass your K53 learner's licence test. Road signs, traffic lights and road markings are there for our safety. REGULATORY CONTROL HAND SIGNALS. Control hand signals. Where: On any Road. Purpose: To direct traffic in areas where there is high traffic congestion.


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The Information You Need For The K53 Yard Test And More

Information signs K53 traffic signs signs provide information about the road ahead so that you can plan your road and lane usage accordingly. Guidance signs These signs give guidance regarding the route, and include, k53 traffic signs example, distances and directions to destinations and public facilities, as well as traffic lane situations ahead.

Road surface markings Road markings are traffic signs painted onto the road surface. They can be classified into Regulatory, Warning, and Information markings. Some learners have trouble remembering all the different South African Road Signs and what they mean.

Online k53 Learner's Practice Test

Be ready to stop at a stop sign or at the behest of an on-duty police officer. The k53 traffic signs test consists of three sections; these k53 traffic signs sections consist of further requirements which you need to be able to perform in order to pass your test: Pre-Trip Inspection The pre-trip inspection of a motor vehicle determines the roadworthiness of the vehicle.

This is an easy section in the test, use this as a section to gain marks rather than loose them. Driving Test Instructions You have 20 minutes stopwatch time to complete both the yard manoeuvres and the k53 traffic signs inspection.

You are permitted to stop the vehicle at any point during the manoeuvres. It is expected that you complete the K53 observation procedures whilst giving the correct signal, in the same manner, you k53 traffic signs whilst driving on public roads.


Wearing a seatbelt during the yard section is not compulsory. In the event where your test is terminated at any point, you will be required to redo it at a later stage. The road rules, road markings, signs along with the road markings need to be obeyed at all times during the test.

Collision with an k53 traffic signs or mounting a kerb during any manoeuvres whether in the yard or on the road, it is grounds for immediate failure and the test will k53 traffic signs ceased.

SA Road Signs - Get Your Learners

You will not be allowed to drive uncontrolled or dangerously. During the yard test manoeuvres, the push-and-pull steering method is not required. You are allowed to ask the examiner any k53 traffic signs regarding the above-mentioned points.


The driving instructor will inform you of k53 traffic signs the instructions prior to the commencement of your inspection. You do not have to worry about the time of your test as the instructor will be keeping a record of the time which passes for each section in the same manner as he will be evaluating your skills as a driver inside the yard and on the road.

It is essential to remember that this stays a test no matter where you are, you always have to apply the K53 traffic signs defensive driving techniques.


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