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Besides these religious festivals, Ajanta-Ellora Festival and Elephanta Festival are also important among the people of the state. Maharashtra also attracts plenty of tourists as there are many places of interest in the state like Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves, Ganapatipule etc.

Manipur Manipur india map outline with states a state located in the North-eastern region of India. People from several cultures like Mizo, Kuki, Naga reside in Manipur.

Manipuris are very warm by nature and the women in the state enjoy a high status in the society. Since time immemorial, theatre has been an important part of the Lai Haraoba festivals of the state. The traditional Manipuri dance is based on the theme of Lord Krishna and the story of his beloved Radha.

The lakes and islands, the hills and valleys, the waterfalls and the caves, Manipur has a lot to attract tourists.

There are three major tribes which reside in Meghalaya - Jaintias, Khasis and Garos.


Lakes, hills, gardens, waterfalls, rivers and peaks, add to Meghalaya's beauty. Therefore, it attracts tourists in large numbers.

States and Capitals of India

Mizoram Mizoram is popularly known as the 'Land of the Highlanders' and is one of the states in North-east India. Majority of the population of the state practices India map outline with states. Minority population includes Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. Dance and music are important part of celebrations and festivities for the people of the state.

List of Indian States and Union Territories

Cheraw, Khuallam, Chai are some of the important dance forms of Mizoram and people play musical instruments like guitar and india map outline with states. Mizos are generally fond of country music. Nagaland Nagaland is one of the 'seven sisters' states of India.

There are 16 tribes in the state and each tribe is distinctive in terms of language, dress and traditions. Christianity is the main religion of the state with majority of the population belonging to the Baptist group.

Nagaland is also known as the land of festivals.

With so many tribes and diverse people, celebrations of festivals continue throughout the year. Hornbill Festival is celebrated to encourage inter-tribal interaction and is celebrated with full zeal by the Naga people.

In the Indian history, Delhi had been the capital of many india map outline with states and rulers.

Outline of India - Wikipedia

Delhi is not only the political capital of the country but is india map outline with states the administrative unit of the Indian Government as the Indian Parliament and many Ministries are present here. The city boasts of a cosmopolitan culture as people from different parts of the country reside here.

Besides religious festivals, the national festivals are also celebrated in India map outline with states with great zeal.

In ancient times, Odisha became popular because of the bloodiliest battle of Kalinga which was fought under the Maurayan king Ashoka. Dance, music, sculptures and historical monuments highlight the rich tradition and culture of the state.

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