Winner of the Joanot Martorell Prize, this novel is divided into four parts around the central theme of the Spanish Civil War presented from the discover. Àlex Rigola · H E A R T B R E A K H O T E L · THEATER · PHOTOS · VIDEO · OPERA · ON TOUR · CONTACT. INCERTA GLÒRIA SALES. RIGOLA. UNCERTAIN GLORY (Incerta gloria, ). Twentieth century Spain, from the civil war through the Franco dictatorship, is the new capital of.


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There's something morbidly picturesque about the ruined architecture and the passionate politics that has inspired not only Guillermo del Toro but other filmmakers as well. There's nothing supernatural about Agusti Villaronga's film or the Joan Sales novel, one of the classics on the civil war, that inspired it, but the mood is inescapable.

Ruins, crypts, corpses abound, incerta gloria these incerta gloria make gothic what could almost as easily, from a different aesthetic vantage, have been film noir.


The story focuses on a quadrilateral of characters: We meet the Incerta gloria first as she barely escapes with her life when an anarchist army incerta gloria the Carlan's estate and executes him. She convinces the soldiers that she was just a sexually-exploited maid, and now she continues to occupy the property.

Looking to her children's future, she wants them recognized as legitimate heirs to the land.


As no witnesses to her marriage to the Carlan to survive, she looks to Lluis to help persuade some local peasants to perjure themselves by swearing under oath that they witnessed the wedding. Style[ edit ] The style is fast and colloquial and reflects the language model of its author, who gave much importance to the spoken Catalan incerta gloria his time, which took him to accept Spanish barbarism that other contemporaries, such as Joan Corominesdid not incerta gloria.


However, the virtue of his style is to be direct and simple and incerta gloria captures the freshness of many authentic expressions, without ceasing to be a literary Catalan, with many philosophical and literary quotations.

The book's four sections--"Translation as Medium and across Media," "The Ethics of Translation," "Translation and Difference," and "Beyond the Nation"--together provide incerta gloria comprehensive view of current thinking on nationality and translation, one that will be widely consulted for years to come.

The contributors are Jonathan E.

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