Human-information interaction (HII) is an information-age subject that investigates how humans interact with information its subfield human  ‎Introduction · ‎Cognitive work analysis. Research on human information interaction (HII) focuses on people' s relationship with information, rather than with technology (as in human-computer. Human-information interaction or HII is the formal term for information behavior research in archival science; the term was invented by Nahum Gershon in


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It discusses relevance judgment in information seeking and presents examples of current and potential areas of research related to HII, including knowledge organization, information retrieval, and information and communication technologies.

MIT Press Scholarship Online requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books within the service. The instructor reserves the right human information interaction issue a course grade of F if any assignment is not completed. The instructor welcomes feedback from the class.

What Is Human Information Interaction?

Send a message to: The presenations will be graded as part of class participation. Week Information environments: Conceptual frameworks in information behavior.

Reorganize the Company Ch. Human-computer interaction in the new millennium.

Reflections and New Directions Week Information environments: User-centered design of systems. Toward safe, productive, and healthy computer-based work.

Book Review: Human information interaction

Scope human information interaction criteria for success Ch. Getting Web information retrieval right this time. First Monday, 7 7. The cascade of interactions in the digital library interface.

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Information Processing and Management, 38 3 The quest for knowledge visualization. User studies informing E-table interfaces.

Human information interaction - Wikipedia

In fact, CWA offers an ecological approach to design, and examines forces in an environment that shape human interaction with information. For the purposes of clarity, an 'information system' is any system, whether human information interaction or computerized, that facilitates and supports interactions between a searcher's work context and information.


In a library context, a branch website might human information interaction viewed as an information system; also, an online public access catalogue or online index or database. When searching for information, how do searchers search? Typically, CWA evaluates an information system and develops recommendations for the design of the interface.

What Is Human Information Interaction? - MIT Press Scholarship

A cognitive evaluation is based on an analysis of the information human information interaction of users in the context of their work. The assumption in CWA is that an information system will be used within an ecological context of affordances and constraints. Having reviewed the research in both areas, and in the few cases of collaboration between the two, Fidel notes: Once these categories are established, researchers could investigate the features of each category and its manifestation in a manner that human information interaction relevant to design.

There are, of course, strategies and methods in information system requirements studies that have a bearing on this problem and that bring the human information interaction areas closer together. For example, the contextual design methods of Beyer and Holzblatt employ a variety of techniques to obtain information from system users: Elsewhere, Elena Maceviciute and myselfas a result of the kind of collaboration suggested by Fidel, have commented that use cases could be usefully employed to a greater extent in information behaviour research.

There is the further problem that, for these studies to be effective, they need to be employed not simply in research but in the design and operation of working systems.

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