Over the last several years, green building has also seen a dramatic increase in India. USGBC, the developers of the LEED green building. Thanks to the concept of green buildings, we are able to save our only source of life – The Earth. India is amongst the few countries. The Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Center of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Hyderabad is designed to provide optimum sustainable solutions for occupants of this advanced green building.


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Buildings in the hot and dry regions, had corridors directing the wind to cool naturally. In wet regions, structures using natural light and breeze, were used. Mud mortar stabilized with green buildings india, sand, alum and some herbal additives was used.

7 Most Renowned Green And Sustainable Buildings In India

The building was established with an aim of creating eco-friendly living habitats, especially in the urban space. It is a wonderful example of smart homes where one can green buildings india lights off using mobile phones.


The building has 44 interconnected rainwater percolation wells that lead to alitre water tank. The building makes use of central reverse osmosis system to purify water without the use of chemicals.

Grey water is directed to the green buildings india, toilets and for washing cars.


This majestic structure is worldwide famous for being the first green building of its size 1. In fact, green building is projected to grow 20 percent in the country by Emerging economies such as India are engines of green buildings india growth, with development varying from two- green buildings india sixfold over current green building levels.

We are very focused on encouraging and growing the green movement in the country and have green buildings india preparing for some time: Sincethe conference and expo has been held annually in green buildings india United States. The list of green buildings in India looks promising but there is still a long way to go.

Real estate developers and consumers need to be educated about the massive benefits of green buildings.

Government and regulatory bodies need to play a motivating role to enable consumers as well as developers to understand the need for green buildings in India.

Top 7 Green and Sustainable Buildings in India These are the top 7 green and sustainable buildings in India which are proof of green buildings india benefits that sustainable construction provides in terms of green buildings india the impact on the overall environment.

Top 10 Green Buildings in India

It green buildings india located in Salt Lake area of Kolkata and is spread over an acre of land. It is located near the national capital, in Gurugram formerly known as Gurgaon and covers an expansive 1, 70, sq.

It has a Platinum Green Building rating, making it energy-efficient. It is spread over an immense built-up area of 4, 60, sq.


It has some of the most advanced energy-saving features integrated to make it optimum eco-friendly.

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