Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) is a means to produce a sound argument based upon evidence of the satisfaction of the above criteria. GSN stands for “Goal Structuring Notation” and it visualizes an argument structure that supports a claim to be true. In the industry in which. Abstract: Goal Structuring Notation is an argument or logic-based methodology that represents all aspects of a safety argument (requirements, claims, evidence.


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The principal symbols of the notation are shown below: As part of this decomposition, using the notation it is also possible to make clear the argument strategies adopted e.

An example safety argument in GSN is shown below: Advantages, disadvantages and limitations to the defence goal structuring notation or the particular domain 1.

They therefore make it easier for stakeholders to check the Safety Case. For complex arguments, GSN and Claim Goal structuring notation diagrams can break down the argument into manageable sections and provide clear comprehension to all interested parties of how the safety argument has been constructed to meet the top-level claim.

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GSN and Claim Trees can goal structuring notation support Project Management activities by allowing clear monitoring of progress towards the successful completion of a Safety Case.

The technique promotes consistency and improved comprehension of arguments, and allows analysis of complex system interdependencies.

goal structuring notation These range from simple drawing packages to sophisticated products that can organise Safety Case documentation, link to Hazard Analysis tools and goal structuring notation generate documents and summary reports.

The technique can be particularly useful for the introduction of an untried concept into a well established system. Disadvantages and Warnings The use of the GSN and Claim Tree technique might give an unrealistic impression of rigour if poorly applied.

As part of this decomposition, using the GSN goal structuring notation is also possible to make clear the argument strategies adopted e.

This paper describes the role and purpose of a safety case.


As a result, approaches have been developed to conveying arguments in ways which improve communication and which are more amenable to analysis.

Goal Structuring Notation GSN [12] -a graphical argumentation goal structuring notation for safety -was developed for those reasons.

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