Die Fledermaus by Strauss Johann II. Opera Libretti. A List of the Top Opera music composers and their compositions. Die Fledermaus is an operetta composed by Johann Strauss II to a German libretto by Karl Haffner (de) and Richard Genée. Contents. 1 Background; 2  ‎Background · ‎Performance history · ‎Roles · ‎Synopsis. Die Fledermaus was one of Johann Strauss's finest efforts, in which he created a sparkling masterpiece that premiered to instant acclaim on the Vienna stage in.


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Falke assures him that tonight he will laugh, as Falke has planned a little comedy entitled The Revenge of the Bat, to amuse him.

The girls excitedly rush off fledermaus libretto gamble.


Falke then takes the Prince aside and asks him to distract Gabriel while Falke writes a note to Rosalinde informing her where her husband is fledermaus libretto what he is doing.

Adele and Ida return from the gaming room, having lost all their money. Gabriel is flabbergasted to see his chambermaid at the ball. Ida asks when dinner will be served, and Falke replies fledermaus libretto they are waiting for another guest, a mysterious Hungarian countess who will have to remain masked to protect her identity.

The guests decide to stroll in the garden while awaiting the arrival of the mystery lady, leaving Falke alone in the ballroom.

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Rosalinde enters, masked, and asks Falke if what he had written to her is true. He shows her Gabriel in the garden flirting fledermaus libretto Adele, and she swears vengeance.

This ploy—promising to give the lady his watch in return for her favours but never delivering, even when she does—has always worked for him. But Rosalinde turns the tables on him and steals the watch Watch Duet: Orlofsky defends her, telling them that in his house a lady may cover or uncover as much as she wishes.

Ida then asks Dr. Falke to tell them the story of the bat, as he had promised. Gabriel protests that he should tell the story, as it was his joke on Falke.

He then tells the guests how three years before, he and Falke had gone to a costume ball dressed, respectively, fledermaus libretto a butterfly and a bat. On the way home, Gabriel got Falke drunk and left him asleep in the park in his bat costume.

The next day Falke had to walk home in his costume, and ever since, everyone in town has called him the Batty Fledermaus libretto. Orlofsky calls for champagne.

Die Fledermaus

As part of his scheme, Falke has invited Frank, Adele, and Rosalinde to come the ball, all concealing their identities as well. Rosalinde pretends to be a masked Hungarian countess, Eisenstein goes by the name "Marquis Renard," Frank is "Chevalier Chagrin," and Adele, who has borrowed one of Rosalinde's dresses without permission, pretends she is an actress.

The ball is in progress Chorus: Eisenstein fledermaus libretto introduced to Adele, but is confused as to who she really is because of her striking resemblance to his maid. He fledermaus libretto Eisenstein, who are both posing as Frenchmen, attempt to conceal their identities by repeating common French fledermaus libretto to each other, to Orlofsky's great amusement.

Die Fledermaus | operetta by Strauss |

Since neither actually knows French, both are fooled. As the party progresses, they both experience alcohol-induced fledermaus libretto and manly camaraderie for each other. Then Falke introduces the masked Rosalinde to the company.


She succeeds fledermaus libretto extracting a valuable watch from her husband's pocket, something which she can use in the future as evidence of his impropriety. In a rousing finale, Orlofsky makes a toast to champagne, and the company celebrates The Champagne song: The "Champagne song", which is sung by the entire ensemble, should not be confused with fledermaus libretto baritone aria "Fin ch' han dal vino" from Don Giovanniwhich is often called the "Champagne aria".

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