Frank Forencich (@exuberant_animal) is the creator of Exuberant Animal and author of two books (the newest one to be released later this year called The New. Posts Tagged with "Exuberant Animal". Frank Forencich: “Long Body Living” Show. Posted on February 10, by Ron Jones. Fitness. What has it become. Listen to Frank Forencich: Exuberant Animal, Movement Evolution | Ep. 06 by Align Podcast for free. Follow Align Podcast to never miss another show.


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My sensei was big on this: The idea was to branch out whenever possible and keep reaching for new ideas and experiences. One of the things that I remember feeling as I read your book was exuberant animal great sense of freedom. So much of modern training and conditioning — even exuberant animal word smacks of psychological experiments - seems regimented and focussed, driven by formulae and theory.

You seem to give permission to just have fun?

Frank Forencich: Exuberant Animal, Movement Evolution | Ep. 06 by Align Podcast | Mixcloud

Yes, exuberant animal is vital, but I still believe in the fundamentals of sweat, rigor, discipline and hard work. The neat thing is that we can combine these two perspectives into a single training process.


The trick lies in creative oscillation—moving between the poles of discipline and freedom. Exuberant animal requires lots of judgment, attention and a sense of timing, but the payoff can be immense. Neuroscience backs this up, by the way.

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We know that the human nervous system thrives under conditions that alternate between serious effort and playful messing around.

Reach and rest, strive and relax. Unfortunately, not too many people build this oscillation into their practices; we tend to specialize exuberant animal one style or another. One thing that exuberant animal do not discuss much in the book in any detail is the idea of diet.

How do you eat?


Do you try exuberant animal replicate the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors as well as their activity patterns? The problem is that there was probably a lot of diversity in primal diets and we can be sure that nutrition varied a lot between tribes and exuberant animal.

The one constant however, is that they all ate real food, minimally processed, and they had to work pretty hard to get it.


The Paleolithic rhythm was simple: This alternating pattern is surely fundamental to our physiology. The other problem—one that no one seems to talk about—is that our experience with food is massively influenced exuberant animal placebo effects.

Exuberant animal you believe that your diet is the right one, it will probably be better for you!

Psychological factors may very well outweigh minor differences in actual food content. According exuberant animal Wrangham, cooking made all the difference in human history.

Heat makes food easier to digest and surely made a survival difference for many people and tribes. Multi-disciplinary studies are out of fashion and so no one can exuberant animal the big picture.

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