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Cold fusion was then proposing the counterintuitive idea that a nuclear reaction could be caused to occur inside a chemically bound crystal structure. They subsequently issued energia de punto cero report in November that concluded that the results did not present convincing evidence that useful sources of energy would result from the phenomena attributed to cold fusion.

Rossi was already working in the energy field at that time.

Energía del punto cero | Energía Libre - Free Energy - Nuevas Energías

He was fascinated with the Pons and Fleischmann discovery and tried to replicate their effect with electrolysis too. ECAT, had been planted.

He continued working on the ECAT in between his other contracts in power plant production. InAndrea Rossi arrived at the very critical point in his research and concentrated his time on his invention. This was not only by chance or sheer luck, but rather a direct result of a long trial and error process where a vast amount energia de punto cero different configurations of the ECAT had been tried.


And finally, a stable, reproducible configuration was discovered. Back then, inAndrea Rossi knew there was no turning back. He instantly realized the need of a 3rd party expert verification. Mainly because of caution since at these energy levels, both gamma radiation and neutron radiation could be lethal.

He needed energia de punto cero verification and assurance that the amount of radiation was low enough to be non-hazardous.

NUEVAS ENERGÍAS | Energía Libre - Free Energy - Nuevas Energías

Rossi knew he was on to something big, something so powerful it could change the world forever. There was no room for mistakes here.

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Another reason Rossi decided to contact Prof. Focardi was that he felt that he was at a point where all other projects had to be dropped in favor for the ECAT.


An invention of this magnitude would require all his focus. For Rossi it was all or nothing.

Zero-point energy

So Rossi arranged a challenge for Prof. Professor Focardi accepted the challenge immediately and examined the ECAT under great scrutiny for several days in a controlled environment.

A few days later he came back disappointed but with a smiling grin on his face telling Rossi that energia de punto cero was sorry for not winning the prize and that he believed that the Energy Catalyzer truly worked as stated.

Frederico Borella Andrea Rossi then hired Sergio Focardi as a consultant and his work on nickel hydrogen reactions prior with energia de punto cero Piantelli proved to be invaluable.


Together they looked into the aspect of protecting the environment from the radiations, and to thermalize the radiations to in energia de punto cero to produce heat. An application in to patent the device internationally had received an unfavorable preliminary report from the World Intellectual Energia de punto cero Organization at the European Patent Office.

It was noted that the description of the device was based on general statements and speculations. EPO also cited numerous deficiencies in both the description and in the evidence provided to support its feasibility.

Menú principal

They also found incompatibilities with current scientific theories. The agency issued a patent for the invention, valid only in Italy. Rossi introduced to the public a process and a device called the Energy Catalyzer.

This problem of classical mechanics was nicely summarized by James Hopwood Jeans in For the forces between two charges at zero distance would be infinite; we should have charges of opposite sign continually rushing together energia de punto cero, when once together, no force would tend to shrink into nothing or to diminish indefinitely in size" [47] This resolution to this puzzle came in with Schrodinger's famous equation.

In a joint paper with Max Born and Werner Heisenberg he considered the energia de punto cero inside a cavity as a superposition of quantum harmonic oscillators.

In his calculation he found that in addition to the "thermal energy" of the oscillators there also had to exist infinite zero-point energy term.

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