The work of our colleague and friend Edwin Black, Professor Emeritus of . Edwin Black, "The Second Persona," Quarterly Journal of Speech 56 : The Second Persona. Black, Edwin. Quart J Speech, 56, 2, , 70 Apr. An essay exploring the application of moral criticism to rhetorical discourse; based. Start studying Black/Wander. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more Edwin Black. author of "Rhetorical Criticism" second persona. the auditor implied by the.


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It is not so much that we crave magistracy as that we require order, and the judicial phase of criticism is a way of bringing order to our history. Yet moral judgments are made all the time, any time we do representation in, for example, the process of telling history.

The choices we make on what to include, exclude, emphasize, downplay, are "infected with moral values. That which is instrumental is thought to be morally neutral, and Aristotle placed rhetoric in the category of instrumental.

This is Why, This is Why, This is Why: Second Persona Reaction

If edwin black the second persona discourse inspires action, we judge the consequences, but not the discourse itself. Instead I propose exploring the hypothesis that if students of communication could more proficiently explicate the saliently human dimensions of a discourse - if we could, in a sense, discover for a complex linguistic formulation a corresponding form of character - we should then be able to subsume that discourse under a moral order and thus satisfy our obligation to history.

Discourses contain tokens of their authors. Discourses are, directly or in a transmuted form, the external signs of internal states.

The Second Persona

It was, in fact, from Carroll Arnold that I learned that Edwin black the second persona had invented the term "neo-Aristotelianism" to describe the cookie-cutter approach then in vogue among speech critics.

Though Arnold and I had several exchanges over the years about the Cornell tradition, he never spoke about the pivotal role he played in securing the approval of Black's dissertation, a story that Tom Benson tells for the first time in this issue. When I left Penn State in edwin black the second persona take my first full-time position at the University of California—Davis, I had not yet met Ed Black but felt almost as though I knew him, having read practically everything he had ever published.


Mohrmann had a high regard for him. Leff was working on the special issue on rhetorical criticism for the volume of edwin black the second persona Western Journal of Speech Communication, and we spent a good deal of time talking about the essays, including Black's elegant "A Note on Theory and Practice in Rhetorical Criticism.

Edwin Black (rhetorician) - Wikipedia

Somewhere in this era, edwin black the second persona andI met Edwin Black for the first time. We are solicited by the discourse to fulfill its blandishments with our very selves.

The second persona is obviously present in legal argument. Identifying certain beliefs as an ideology becomes in itself an ideology and bias. Black argues that this term is not just an idiom, a stylistic expression with non-literal meaning, but a rightwing ideology.

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