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Someone Else's Party In our conversation, Niels Aalberts named a particular concept which I feel would be particularly useful here.

The concept is called "Someone Else's Party" and basically means that a following should be fun to join. The reason why I feel this is useful is based on my experience in running a political campaign for a doorbraak niels aalberts party, but also my experience of being doorbraak niels aalberts blogger, promoting my own recorded DJ sets, and having been a part of many online communities.

When starting the political party, which really depended on grassroots doorbraak niels aalberts, it was very important to get the ecosystem fired up as soon as possible, so that 'fans' would be able to attract, entertain and doorbraak niels aalberts each other.

If you only go for one-way communication, the party will always be depending on your presence.


If you're not there, nobody's doorbraak niels aalberts fun. We've all been at a house party where everyone was kind of standing around, waiting for the host to come talk to them.

Niels Aalberts interview over Doorbraak on Vimeo

Help them be a starter. Show what they're doing, and how happy they are. Help your doorbraak niels aalberts fan join together with the first, instead of also dancing alone. Make doorbraak niels aalberts they do almost exactly the same thing, so it's easy for others to also see how to join.

Give a few early adopters the courage to jump in together with the first. Make sure they stick together as a group.

Now it's not about you, it's about them. Publicize the group, not doorbraak niels aalberts. Make it fun to join. Make sure all late-adopters can see what fun the early adopters are having.

Even the Ugly Dance is a movement and Sivers' comments apply almost literally.

As Niels Aalberts indicated when talking about having to differentiate yourself, it's not necessarily about extremities. These models should be applied with practical intensity, which means finding the right balance.

What the above doorbraak niels aalberts also shows, is that one-way communication 2AM to fan is old-fashioned and becoming increasingly ineffective.


The same goes for two-way communication 2AM to fan, fan to 2AM. The internet has sped this up and doorbraak niels aalberts made the demand for communication evolve. Communication can and should be much more dynamic than one-way or two-way and the changes in the marketing mix's place have made this possible!

More stuff

Yes, 2AM should communicate to fans doorbraak niels aalberts fans to 2AM, but fans should also communicate with each other, with their friends who are not fans, with the media, with strangers that they want to inform about their passion.

It's about non-linear communication, which actually looks quite similar to the communication processes in P2P-filesharing networks see image.

doorbraak niels aalberts


BOXa Brazilian research company specialized in consumer trends and behavioural sciences from which the concept of 'the selfish consumer' originatessays the following about communication doorbraak niels aalberts people that grew up with the internet millennials: That's because they've developed a non-linear way of thinking, that exactly reflects the language of the internet where an infinity of subjects can be followed at the same time.

For these millennials, it doorbraak niels aalberts natural to start out with something and end up [

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