Meaning of dictadura in the Spanish dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms La palabra dictadura procede del latín dictatūra. info .. dictadura huertista. 8. LA DICTADURA HUERTISTA Política interna. El gobierno de Victoriano Huerta fue impuesto por medio de la fuerza militar, una dictadura que. José Victoriano Huerta Márquez was a Mexican military officer and 35th President of Mexico. His supporters were known as Huertistas during the Mexican Revolution. He is still vilified by modern-day Mexicans, who generally refer to him as  Missing: dictadura ‎| ‎Must include: ‎dictadura.


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Victoriano Huerta - Wikipedia

In he retired from the army on grounds of ill health, having developed cataracts while serving in the southern jungles. He then applied his technical training by taking up the position of Head of Public Works in Monterrey and planning a new street layout for the city.

He applied successfully to rejoin the army with his former rank. Huerta initially dictadura huertista allegiance to the new administration of Francisco Madero dictadura huertista, and was retained by Madero to crush anti-Madero revolts by rebel generals such as Pascual Orozco.

At a late-night special session of Congress surrounded by Huerta's troops, the legislators endorsed his assumption of power. British historian Alan Knight wrote about Huerta: Pascual Orozcowhom Huerta fought when serving President Madero, now joined with Huerta as a counter-revolutionary.


Four Deputies were executed over the summer dictadura huertista for criticizing the Huerta regime. Huerta established a harsh military dictatorship. President Woodrow Wilson became hostile to the Huerta administration, recalled ambassador Henry Lane Wilson and demanded Huerta step aside for democratic elections.

His body was dumped dictadura huertista the grave that his killers had already dug for him.

Thousands of Juchiteco and Maya Indians were rounded up to fight a war in the north of Mexico that they felt did not concern them. Francisco Villa llega a El Dictadura huertista, Texas.

El dictadura huertista Francisco I.

Timeline of the Mexican Revolution Upon graduating from the military academy inHuerta was commissioned into the Corps of Engineers. He traveled extensively dictadura huertista all parts of Mexico in this position.


He commanded about men in his campaign against dictadura huertista Maya Indians, starting in Octoberand fought 79 different actions over the course of 39 days. His health began to decline, and perhaps because of his heavy drinking he complained he could not go outside in the sunshine without wearing sunglasses, and he suffered bouts of uncontrollable nervous shaking.

His decaying teeth caused him much pain. In he retired from the army on grounds of dictadura huertista health, having developed cataracts while serving in the southern jungles.


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