Rev Panam Salud Publica. Nov;22(5) Dengue viruses in Brazil, Nogueira RM(1), de Araújo JM, Schatzmayr HG. Author information. El Dengue persiste como un grave problema de salud pública en la región de las Américas. Uruguay ha permanecido libre de Dengue hasta. Ministerio de la Protección Social. República de Colombia. Subdirección de Vigilancia y Control en Salud Pública. Protocolo de vigilancia y control de Dengue.


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Se realizaron dos tipos de estudio: It has been calculated that 50 to million cases of dengue and that depending on the year fromtocases of hemorrhagic dengue occur each year around the world.

The incidence of dengue salud publica dengue in Colombia since has fluctuated, dengue salud publica a tendency to increase, rising from 17, cases in to 81, in The same behaviour has been observed for hemorrhagic dengue dengue salud publica than 5 in to 5 cases in 1. Behaviour for the Cundinamarca department has similarly increased, rising from cases of classical dengue in to 2 in There has also been an important occurrence of and cases of hemorrhagic dengue per year between and 2.

Dengue viruses in Brazil,

Various dengue epidemics dengue salud publica occurred since following re-infestation by Aedes aegypti in Colombia, with the four serotypes circulating throughout the country. These four dengue serotypes are currently circulating throughout Colombia, though not having the same intensity.

The dengue 2 virus was isolated in and has been circulating dengue salud publica then with dengue 1. Dengue 4 began to circulate in and has continued to circulate since then to date.

Dengue in the Americas and Southeast Asia: do they differ?

Dengue 3 circulated for a short period during the mids, disappearing for several years dengue salud publica reappearing in the Santander department in 1. The main vector of dengue in Colombia is Aedes aegypti, its dissemination being limited by altitude.

This altitude is higher than the maximum internationally reported in India 2 masl.

In spite of it being known that it can exist at these altitudes, its behaviour is not well-known above 1 metres. Data collected during this study could help in elucidating the behaviour of dengue salud publica and its vector at high altitude.

It is situated near several municipalities, which have reported autochthonous dengue in the past. Types of study A cross-sectional study was carried out for serological monitoring of the population and taking entomological indicators. The short-term effectiveness of a dengue salud publica day was also determined by recording entomological indexes following the intervention.

Sampling methods for the entomological and serological survey Multistage conglomerate sampling was dengue salud publica for determining seroprevalence and entomological indicators.

Dengue | Ministerio de Salud Publica - Republica Oriental del Uruguay

A cadastral engineer was enlisted to help in dengue salud publica the cartographic plans. Once the changes had been made and bearing the forgoing in mindthe map was then divided into sectors, then successively into barrios, blocks and houses.

The percentage of houses per block was very unequal in some cases respecting other blocks; for example, one block had 10 houses whilst most had between houses. The foregoing meant that blocks having such a low number of houses were grouped for levelling them out with the others.

A total of houses was visited, an average of 8 houses per block. The most used variables in the serological survey were: Dengue salud publica and post-rubbish-collection day entomological monitoring Aedes indexes were constructed on two occasions.

An initial one was taken for determining housing, dengue salud publica and Breteau percentages.

Dengue viruses in Brazil, 1986-2006.

This was done after making the community aware of the need for collecting waste items, washing reservoirs, covering deposits, etc. The following indicators were analysed: An overall dengue salud publica 7.


An average of ovitraps was deployed during the study period. A total of examinations and egg counts were made in the six municipalities, from to ; with an average of

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