Modélisation de la dynamique des matières organiques des sols, Cycle mensuel .. Concepts sur humus et durabilité au cours des trois derniers. La méthode de calcul est fondée sur l'analyse en régime transitoire des profils d'humidité et de potentiel, d'une colonne de sol compacté, au cours d'une. ISBN: en cours d'impression Dynamique à long terme du phosphore dans les sols de deux essais auu champ du.


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INRA UMR ISPA - Intégration Sol Plante Atmosphère - MOREL Christian

In a second part, we demonstrate the interest of a close collaboration between hydrological and hydroecological sciences with two concrete examples in an alpine stream, Severaisse Hautes-Alpes. In Severaisse, a representative study reach was chosen in a braided cours dynamique des sols of the stream, including each identified geomorphotogical unit.


The physical characteristics are described on perpendicular transects 2 or 3 transects per unit. On representing homogeneous cours dynamique des sols, on each transect different measurements of depth, current velocity and substrate type are taken at irregular internals, with more points in heterogeneous portions.

Geotechnics for Developing Africa: Proceedings of the 12th regional - Google Livros

These points divide the represented area in cells. Topographic data complement the description and cours dynamique des sols necessary for hydraulic simulation at different discharges. Innovations Agronomiques 25, Nadeem M. Seed phosphorus remobilization is not a major limiting step for phosphorus nutrition during early growth of maize.

Maize Zea mays L.


Plant Soil,cours dynamique des sols Long term impact of tillage practices and biennial P and N fertilization on maize and soybean yields and soil P status. Process-based mass-balance modeling of soil phosphorus availability in a grassland fertilized with N and P. Assessing phosphorus management among organic farming systems: Microbial processes controlling P availability in forest spodosols as affected by soil depth and soil properties.

Tillage practices of a clay loam soil affect soil aggregation and associated C and P concentrations. Relative contribution of seed phosphorus reserves and exogenous phosphorus uptake cours dynamique des sols maize Zea mays L.

Geotechnics for Developing Africa: Proceedings of the 12th regional - Google Books

Plant Soil, DOI Soil Science Society of America Journal, Sorption differentially regulates the fate of the amino-acids lysine and leucine in soil aggregates. Adsorption of the pesticidal toxin from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp.

Dynamics and origin of the non-hydrolysable organic fraction in a forest and a cultivated temperate soil, cours dynamique des sols determined by isotopic and microscopic studies. However, this evolution is taking place slowly; in spite of the efforts of numerous research scientists, the very complex rheological laws of soils are still not well known.

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