In the history of this lineage, many many decades ago, there had been among that: ancestors, one who had led himself to become fully illumined through what. Bipin Behari Bidyapith in Madhyamgram Bazar, North 24 ParganasGet Bipin Behari Bidyapith in Madhyamgram Bazar address, phone numbers, user. BIPIN BEHARI GOSWAMI 1 Artwork. BIPIN BEHARI GOSWAMI 1 Artwork. B Gallery Newsletter. Stay up to date of gallery exhibitions, news and events.


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This order is, it has been contended, a conditional order, because in the earlier portion of the order of the High Court discharging the Receiver it appears that the Counsel for the parties other than Srimati Noyan Manjuri Dasi undertaking that their respective clients shall produce to the Registrar of this Court bipin behari from their respective wives stating that so long as bipin behari decree remains unreversed they will make no claim bipin behari the monthly sums referred to in Clause 10 of the terms of settlement hereinafter referred to.

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There is no evidence before us, as the learned Judge has pointed out, which shows that this undertaking was carried out. We then find that there was an appeal, and on the 17th Februaryan order was passed by the Appellate Court directing that the Receiver should retain possession of the share of Srimati Kumudini Dasi until the final determination of that bipin behari.

The decree of the 28th January to which I have referred was not signed by the learned Judge until the 25th February. The decree was passed in the appeal in the High Court on the 4th Apriland after the date of the Appellate Court's decree on the 17th Marchan order was passed by this Court on the Original Side by which it was ordered that the Receiver of this Court and the Receiver appointed in this suit under the said order dated the second day of January one bipin behari nine hundred and eighteen of the estate of Gopal Lal Seal deceased, which was held by Srimati Kumudini Dasi deceased, and now in his possession do continue to act as such Receiver as aforesaid with all the powers conferred upon him by the said order from the said 4th day of Bipin behari until further orders of this Court.

Bipin Behari Bhattacharya (Ma's Father)

As I have mentioned the decree in the rent-suit instituted by the Receiver was passed on the 13th Februarythat is, after the date of the High Court's order of discharge on the 28th January but before that decree had been signed by the learned Judge who passed it on the 25ft February It appears from the order-sheet, order No.

But bipin behari defendant asked for time on the bipin behari that his servant who looked after this case was ill. The Judge then recorded the following order: It appears from an examination of this record that the defendant has obtained adjournments on this very, plea which goes to show that the plea is a bipin behari pretext to delay the decision of this case.

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The suit is one for rent, and already more than nine bipin behari have elapsed of which seven months have elapsed after the defendant had entered appearance. So I refuse to grant the defendant's application. As, there is nothing on the record to prove the correctness of this statement of bipin behari defendant's Pleader, I refuse to take cognizance of it.

The defendant's Pleader thus retired.

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I refuse to admit this application and to grant the time applied for. Passing now to the law on these facts it is in the first place urged that when the suit was bipin behari instituted, bipin behari was no defect in the title, on the contrary the Receiver had full authority to institute the suit, the decree in which the appellant seeks to set aside.

Assuming for the, moment, without deciding that the appellant's contention is correct, namely, that the Receiver ceased to be such before the date of the decree, that is, on the 28th Januarythe decree being signed on the bipin behari Februarythere is in this case a devolution of interest.

See the case of Macleod v. Kissan Vithal Singh 30 B.


But because there was such devolution it does not follow therefrom that the suit should have, been arrested, that it could no bipin behari be maintained and that the decree which was passed in favour of the plaintiff was, as I alleged, a bad decree [see the case: Biswanath Mandal 26 Ind. If the party on whom the interest devolved did not apply as they did notto carry on the proceedings, then in such a case the decree would enure for the benefit of the party.

We must distinguish such a case from one in which an event subsequent to suit shows that the plaintiff had no title to bring that suit on the date of its institution. This argument, however, as I say, assumes that the Receiver was discharged before the decree, but the learned Judge holds that he was not discharged; and I am not satisfied that the learned Judge's decision on this point is erroneous.

bipin behari

Bepin Behari Ganguly Street

The decree of the 28th January was, it has been pointed out, conditional on certain affidavits to which I have referred being filed, as also, it is contended, to the giving over of possession in terms of Clause 8 of the terms of settlement.

There is nothing bipin behari show that bipin behari conditions were carried out bipin behari it is for the plaintiff-appellant, in my opinion, to show all the facts which are necessary for him to establish in order to prove his claim to have the, decree set aside.


Not only is there nothing to show that these conditions have been carried out but on the contrary we find that the order bipin behari the Appellate Court of the 17th Februaryorders that the Receiver do retain possession during the pendency of the appeal, thereby indicating that the Receiver had been and was then in possession or, in other words, that the order of the 2Ith.

However, a sincere, simple and ardent exuberance relating to bipin behari bhava-prem divine forever and love was noticed in him.

Jewellers and Goldsmiths in Bipin behari ganguly street, Kolkata(Calcutta)

In the context of the relation between Ma's father Bipin Bihari Bhattacharya and daughter, Ma is briefly disclosing in a few words bipin behari Svarupa of father by indication.

An indication of Ma's own Svarupt, is also here.

The gross, subtle and causal are of infinite variations. But what is the cause of cause, the great Cause, there all bipin behari in all-this is an indication pointing to Swamool. He was a great devotee of Lord Hari and he seemed to have attained state of bliss which sages only bipin behari claim.

He had mastery over several musical instruments.

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