Big Data: Issues and Challenges. 1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all those people who have been. Critical analysis of Big Data challenges and analytical methods . Trimi, & Chung, ), data security and privacy issues (Barnaghi, Sheth, & Henson, ). This new big data world also brings some massive problems. change of technology makes solving these issues even more challenging, so I.


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Another hazard of Big Data is that it can be gamed. When people know that a data set is being used to make important decisions that will affect them, they have an incentive to tip the scales in their favor.

Big Data: Issues and Challenges Moving Forward - Semantic Scholar

Similarly, college administrators who want to move their institutions up in the US News and World Reports rankings have made unwise decisions, such as investing in extravagant gyms at the expense of academics. A third hazard is privacy big data issues and challenges, because so much of the data now available contains personal information.

Finally, Big Data poses a challenge for accountability.

Issues and challenges related to big data, specifically privacy attacks and counter-techniques such as k-anonymity, t-closeness, l-diversity and differential privacy are discussed.

Tools and techniques adopted by various organizations to store different types of big data are also highlighted.

This study identifies different research areas to address such as a lack of anonymization techniques for unstructured big data, data big data issues and challenges pattern determination for developing scalable data storage solutions and controlling mechanisms for high velocity data.

Data volumes are continuing to grow and so are the possibilities of what can be done with so much raw data available. However, organizations need to be able to know just what they can do with that data and how much they can leverage to build insights for their consumers, products, and services.

Four Common Big Data Challenges - DATAVERSITY

While Big Data offers a ton of benefits, it comes with its own set of issues. This is a new set of complex technologies, while still in the nascent stages of development and evolution.

Some of the commonly faced issues include inadequate knowledge about the technologies involved, data privacy, and inadequate analytical capabilities of big data issues and challenges. A lot of enterprises also face the issue of a lack of skills for dealing with Big Data technologies.

Not many people are actually trained to work with Big Data, which then becomes an even bigger problem. This is not the only challenge or problem though.

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There are other challenges too, some that are identified after organizations begin to move into the Big Data space, and some while they are paving the roadmap for the same.

Here, we will discuss the top four critical challenges that enterprises are likely to face, if they are planning on implementing Big Data. Handling a Large Amount of Data There is a huge explosion in the data available.

Look back a few years, and compare it with big data issues and challenges, and you will see that there has been big data issues and challenges exponential increase in the data that enterprises can access. They have data for everything, right from what a consumer likes, to how they react, to a particular scent, to the amazing restaurant that opened up in Italy last weekend.

Rise of big data – issues and challenges : Sussex Research Online

This data exceeds the amount of data that can be stored and computed, as well as retrieved. The challenge is not so much the availability, but the management of this data.


With statistics claiming that data would increase 6.

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