Final Secret of Free Energy Additional, by Tom Bearden, extracts from substantially reduces the production of work inside the source to dissipate its bipolarity;. FREE ENERGY GENERATION Circuits & Schematics. By John Bedini and T. E. Bearden. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form. T. E. Bearden. A.D.A.S. source of potential (battery, electrostatic generator a la Swiss electrostatic device (the. Testatika) solidly blocks free energy, antigravity, a unified physical field theory, and a unified theory of.


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Tom Bearden – Final Secret of Free Energy

To correct the horribly flawed EE problem, the escalating world energy problem, physicists in several disciplines—not just EEs and environmental scientists—must be directly involved.

Trying to use electrical engineers to solve the problem—that their own bearden free energy generation and model create in the first place—is utterly useless. In nature, the potential gradients of all dipoles are already rivers of free-flowing EM energy bearden free energy generation with those dipoles, where the energy density is freely furnished and is essentially free for the taking.

It is mind-boggling that we have all been conditioned to extract this free energy furnished by nature and the creator, but to always utilize half of the extracted energy to destroy the receiver-antenna and thus strangle the flow! Thermodynamics and Open Overunity Systems Not In Equilibrium In our approach we have an open system during every collection cycle, with an external source of energy and a continual energy influx.

Overunity operational efficiency is permissible for such a system without violation of any of the laws of nature. Some of the influx of excess energy from the vacuum into the dipolar source antenna is transported without loss to the collector bearden free energy generation collected.


The collected energy in the collector is then separately discharged through the load, without any of it being discharged back inside the source-antenna. Note that we have broken local energy flow equilibrium but not global energy flow equilibrium. The second law of thermodynamics, bearden free energy generation.

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Classical thermodynamics cannot even compute the entropy of an open system not in thermodynamic equilibrium, as is well-known to thermodynamicists. Local conservation of energy which applies only to a closed bearden free energy generation or to a system in total equilibrium does not apply because the system is open and not in equilibrium.

Permissible Electrical Overunity Bearden free energy generation Not Perpetual Motion An open system out of equilibrium need not conform to 1 the local closed system, equilibrium conditions conservation of energy nor to 2 the second law of thermodynamics which assumes equilibrium conditions.

It must and does conform to the global conservation of energy, just as does a waterwheel or windmill. We propose a permissible series of overunity electrical systems. The Heat Pump Analogy In one way of viewing it, all we have done is utilize the potential as a more modern type of quantum mechanical fluid having hidden bidirectional flowing EM energy.

Contrary to classical EM theory, the force fields are effects in, on, and of the charged particles themselves.


Consequently, if the potentials bearden free energy generation the primary causes of all EM phenomena, then for free energy to perform work free causes to collect and generate desired effects we must turn to the potentials.

We have utilized a hookup and switching arrangement so that energy-free collection is totally separated from collected energy discharge in the load.

In short, we have done what a normal heat pump does, when it uses the air with its thermal energy as a working energy-containing fluid. Consequently, overunity operational efficiency bearden free energy generation analogous electrical devices is perfectly permissible, and not prohibited by the known laws of physics.

All the current you run back through the back emf of the source, to perform dissipative work inside it, is something you yourself are doing to the source.

It is not a priori a characteristic of the source!

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It is real energy flow nonetheless; just in work-free, dissipation-free form. As is well-known, one plate of a capacitor already charges the other plate by just this very massless displacement current, transporting bearden free energy generation EM energy across the gap between the plates in the process.

The electrons themselves do not cross the gap. By bearden free energy generation massless displacement current only from the source-antenna instead of electron flow current, you can draw work-free, dissipation-free energy as long as you wish, as often as you wish, and as much as you wish, without ever dissipating the source-antenna.


In the original paper, we explained that this bearden free energy generation be done by using as a collector a degenerate semiconductor material, with extended electron gas relaxation time. In this paper we have explained how this can be done by step-charging an ordinary capacitor as a collector.

We have also included specific references proving both experimentally and theoretically that this is correct.

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