Results 1 - 24 of - Five Little Pumpkins Bundle This is such a great little poem to use with your kiddos this Halloween! This fun pack includes: ~ Teacher's Book. Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate --Halloween poem printable bag topper. Great for a classroom treat with a non candy treat like pumpkin erasers or pumpkin. Free printable booklet for the rhyme, Five Little Pumpkins. Great to use for Today I am sharing with you a fun little booklet I created using this poem. Five Little.


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Some suggestions are bats, leaves for the pumpkins, and cats.

Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate Halloween Printable - Balancing Home

As a classroom activity, pre-cut construction paper pumpkins and have the children draw their 5 little pumpkins poem faces using crayon, colored pencils or markers.

Show a few examples on the board and talk 5 little pumpkins poem different shaped eyes nose and mouths to help stimulate their imagination. For preschool, make a larger version using uncut craft sticks and larger pumpkins.

Write out or enlarge poem for all children to be able to view. This printable was designed for personal use and is the creative property of Balancing Home. As previously mentioned, the Five Little Pumpkins bag topper will print on a standard 8.

Five Little Pumpkins

You are on your way to creating one awesome Halloween treat! Now that you have acquired your Five Little Pumpkins bag topper and printed it off, it 5 little pumpkins poem time to start assembling your Halloween treat bags.

Second, using the crop marks present on your sheet, cut the bag topper out. Third, choose a bag.

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Ziplock bags work really well. Hold up 5 fingers. Went the wind, and out went the light. Blow through hands, then clap.

And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!

Cut & Paste Five Little Pumpkins Poem Printable | School Time Snippets

Procedures Day One 1. Recite the poem for students at least twice. Swapping out the word "witches" for "leaves" maintains the fall feel without being overly Halloween-ish.


Use pitch variance and facial expression on the words "Oh my, it's getting late! Give students the opportunity to say the poem as group without the teacher's help.

Introduce the tambourine and that it can be played by tapping or shaking. Distribute several tambourines to selected students keeping all the students who play the same instrument together in a group. 5 little pumpkins poem the tambourine players to shake their tambourine on the word "leaves" or '"witches".

Raffi - Five Little Pumpkins Lyrics

5 little pumpkins poem students several practice tries playing their instrument part while teacher recites the poem. Correct students playing technique as necessary. Repeat steps with the drums playing 3 beats on the words "we don't care.

Repeat steps with rhythm sticks tapping 3 beats on the words "go and have some fun.

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